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Lennox Furnace Parts

Lennox was founded in the year 1985 by the owner of a machine repair business in railroads named Dave Lennox. He designed and patented a riveted steel coal-fired furnace, which made numerous advancements in cooling, heating and the climate control solutions. Later, he sold the Lennox Parts to DW Norris, and after his demise, the company was passed on to his descendants. Lennox primarily focuses on three core businesses, namely, commercial heating and cooling, residential heating and cooling, as well as refrigeration. We have a huge collection of Lennox Furnace Parts on PartsAPS.


Lennox is popularly a worldwide supplier of the efficient, innovative and profitable climate control products, which include the Lennox Air Conditioner Parts, heating, ventilation, refrigeration parts and also the Lennox Central Air Conditioner parts. It is the best in home Lennox Heating & Cooling HVAC System. From the year 1946 to 1965, Lennox immersed in the garden and lawn industry. A small crawler tractor and mower was built up which was called the Lennox Kitty Track 600. A 6 hp Briggs and Stratton along with a 32“ mower deck was featured. Grab you Lennox Parts and Lennox Furnace Parts at reasonable prices.

Lennox was mainly designed for the reduction of the operational costs, for the sake of energy consumption and also the environmental impact of the commercial buildings. The company is situated in Richardson, Texas, near Dallas. So, searching for Lennox Parts like Lennox Air Conditioner Parts or Lennox furnace parts, then we bring you the ultimate solution to your problem. Search no further. Just click on our website page, PartsAPS, where you will come across your desired parts, such as the Lennox ac parts, and much more. You can also choose your required Lennox central air conditioner parts from our website page PartsAPS. Now take home the best air-conditioner parts quickly and easily.

The customers those who are associated with Lennox include the schools, healthcare facilities, offices, restaurants, government buildings and also the engineers who build them up by designing it. The company also invented Lennox gas furnace. Parts APS has a wide collection of the Lennox ac parts and also the Lennox furnace parts. Get your required replacement parts for Lennox Air Conditioner Parts which are easily available on website PartsAPS.

So, you can fully trust us for your favorite air conditioner parts or your Lennox furnace parts. We assure to provide you the best quality product at very reasonable prices.

What Is A Lennox Blower Motor?

Like other blower motors, the Lennox Blower Motor helps in pushing the air through the vents. Without this, the air conditioning system is unable to circulate any kind of cooled or heated air.

The Lennox Blower Motor helps in rotating the blower. This procedure sucks air from one side and gradually throws it on the other side of the blower fan. Without this blower motor, it is not possible to receive the comfort of air conditioning during the hot summer days and heat in the cold winter days.

Do You Know About The Furnace Motor?

The Lennox Furnace Motor turns the fan for circulating the warm air out of your furnace and into your home. It depends on this device that whether your home will reach the temperature set on your thermostat or not.

They work in two ways like, as a single-speed or variable speed. In the single-speed motors, it gets turned on when the thermostat will show that the inside temperature has dropped down and is turned off when that particular temperature has been reached. They use the maximum amount of energy when they are turned on. Select from our wide array of Lennox Furnace Motors.

In a variable speed blower motors, it moves at different speeds for controlling the air throughout your home. They have better energy efficiency as they can operate at lower speeds. Thus, this leads them to consume less energy than the single-speed motors. Get your Lennox Furnace Motors today quickly at your doorstep.

Lennox 60L21 Blower Motor | Lennox Furnace Parts- PartsAPS
Product Description:-

The Lennox 18H61 Fan Motor replaces the part numbers like 18H1601, 18K7401, 18K74, 18J94, 18J9401. This Lennox Furnace Blower Motor has a voltage of 208-230 volts.

This Lennox 18H61 Fan Motor requires 5 of 370 VAC capacitor. It has a 60HZ. The motor H.P. is 1/3. The Lennox Furnace Blower Motor has a motor speed of 3. Also, it has 3/4HP.

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Lennox Furnace Blower Motor
  • Part Number- 18H61
  • Category- Fan Motor
  • Application- Blower Motor
Product Description:-

The Lennox 60L21 Blower Motor replaces the part numbers like 29W71, 21W85, 45H31, 18M26, 79A52, 21L92, 57C25, 45H69, 37J25, 89C3601, 57C2501, and more. It is a single-phase motor.

This 60L21- Lennox OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1/3 HP 115 Volt has the ability to rotate counterclockwise. It has a full-load amperage of 5.1. This device has 60Hz and the RPM is 1075. It has an open enclosure and its shaft length is 4.25”.

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Lennox Furnace Blower Motor 60L21
  • Part Number- 60L21
  • Product Dimensions- 15.2 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm
  • Item Weight- 8.34kgs
  • Batteries Needed- No
How is A Furnace Control Board Important?

The furnace control boards are widely responsible for governing the furnace operation. These control boards definitely control the furnace ignitor, furnace thermocouple or the flame sensor, and the gas valve. Select your most needed Lennox Furnace Control Board today.

Another type of control board is the integrated furnace control. They perform exactly like the ignition control. Along with that, they also control the furnace blower in air conditioning and heating modes. They also provide onboard diagnostics. Get your Lennox Surelight Control Board at reasonable prices.

Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board | Lennox Furnace Parts- PartsAPS
Product Description:-

This Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Replacement Kit has product dimensions of 15.2 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm. The Lennox Surelight Replacement Kit weighs 680gms. This 83M00 Lennox OEM Surelight Replacement Kit replaces the part numbers like 97L48, 97L4801, 24L85, 24L8501, 63K89, 63K8901, 10M93, 10M9301, 56L84, 56L8401, and more.

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- LENNOX 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Replacement Kit
  • Part Number- 83M00
  • Hazardous- No
What Are Transformers Used For?

The Transformers are used for increasing as well as decreasing the alternating voltages in the electric power applications. They transfer the electrical energy between the two or more circuits with the help of electromagnetic induction. The transformers produce a varying magnetic field that will, in turn, induce a varying electromotive force. We have a huge collection of Lennox Transformer Kit. Get your needed Lennox Transformer Board Kit now from PartsAPS.

Lennox 42W94-42W92-Transformer Control Board Kit
Product Description:-

This 42w94 Lennox transformer replaces the part numbers such as 51H79, 51H7901, 51M45, 51M4501, 65G50, 65G5001. This is a 75VA Transformer. It has a voltage of 460V.

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Lennox 42w94 transformer Control Kit
  • Part Number- 42w94
Product Description:-

The 42W92 - LB-74928 Transformer Kit 208/240/40VA has a gross weight of 1.732 LB. This part has a length of 8 inches. The maximum VA Rating for this part is 40. The Lennox 42W92 Transformer Kit replaces the part numbers like 51M10, LB-74928, 51M1001. This part has a frequency of 60Hz.

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Lennox 42W92 Transformer Kit
  • Part Number- 42W92
What Is A Blower Wheel?

The blower wheel or furnace blower wheel is referred to the squirrel cage fan, as because it looks like a hamster wheel. The fans increase the volume and speed of an air stream with the rotating impellers. The centrifugal fans use the kinetic energy for increasing the volume of the air stream. Shop now for our wide range of Lennox Blower Wheel.

These fans are basically drum-shaped and they are composed of a number of fan blades which are mounted around a hub. They have certain disadvantages as well as advantages when they contrasted with the positive-displacement blowers. Select your needed Lennox Furnace Blower Wheel parts from PartsAPS.

Lennox 87A62 Blower Wheel
Product Description:-

This Lennox Corporation 87A62 Blower Wheel has a diameter of 13-3/16” x 12-5/8” and Bore 1/2" clockwise. The Lennox 87A62 Blower Wheel replaces the part numbers like 87A6201, 71L57, 71L5701, 62A41, 62A4101, 31G66, LB-29333BBC.

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Blower Wheel 87A62
  • Part Number- 87A62
  • Type- Blower Wheel Assembly
  • Item Weight- 11.9 pounds
Lennox 61M35 Corporation Drain Trap
Product Description:-

The LENNOX Condensate Drain Trap of part number 61M35 weighs 1.08 pounds. This Lennox 61M35 Drain Trap is for use with the universal. It fits Lennox brands..

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Lennox Corporation 61M35 CONDENSATE DRAIN TRAP
  • Part Number- 61M35
What is a Flame Sensor?

A flame sensor is a very simple machine that is located at the burner assembly. It is a thin metallic rod and it sits in front of the flame stream just inside the furnace. Do you want to get hold of the best Lennox Flame Sensor parts? If your answer is yes, then you must go to our website and shop for Lennox Armstrong Ducane Furnace Flame Sensor.

You have a question regarding the purpose of the flame sensor. Like, what is the work of these devices? Well, they have the purpose of conforming to the system that whether the fire or flames is actually present or not when the gas valve is open. In any kind of hazardous environment or situation, these flame sensors help to minimize the risk that is associated with the fire. There are different types of flame sensors available. Like, some will raise the alarm, some of them can activate a fire suppression system, or they can also deactivate a combustible fuel line. Looking for Lennox Flame Sensors at a reasonable price? PartsAPS is there to provide what you need.

Lennox Flame Sensor | Lennox Parts | Lennox Furanace
Product Description:-

The Lennox 90H83 Sensor is a furnace flame sensor. This Lennox Flame Sensor 90H83 can be used with the selected Lennox units. This part replaces the part numbers like 90H8301, T6-2092, R39073B001.

The Lennox Flame Sensor 90H83 works with the models LF24-50S, LF24-50A-1, LF24-50S-1, LF24-75S-2, and more. The total length of the Lennox 90H83 Sensor is 2 1/2".

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Lennox Flame Sensor
  • Part Number- 90H83
Lennox 69W43 Flame Sensor Part | Lennox Furnace Parts | Lennox Parts
Product Description:-

The Lennox 69w43 flame sensor is also known as the part number LB-74940B. This flame sensor part number 69w43is an OEM replacement flame sensor kit for many Lennox, Armstrong, Ducane, and Nordyne furnaces.

This Lennox 69w43 flame sensor replaces the part numbers like 69W4301, LB-74940B. This flame sensor will definitely sense the furnace flame and will ensure you that ignition has taken place. It will thus monitor the flame until the furnace is shut down.

Product Specification:-
  • Brand Name- Lennox
  • Product Name- Lennox Flame Sensor
  • Part Number- 69w43
  • Product Width- 4.687 inches
  • Diameter- 0.114 inches
  • Length- 0.5 inches
  • Gross Weight- 0.08LB
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