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Trane Furnace Parts

Trane Furnace Parts

Trane, the leading global company in the commercial and residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems was founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin in the year 1885. This company comprises of the air conditioning systems and services. James Trane, the man behind the Trane story, emigrated from Norway to La Crosse in the year 1864. He worked in a plumbing trade before and he opened his own store in 1885. Trane is a good product innovator, innovated a new low-pressure steam heat named Trane Vapour Heating, which he introduced in the year 1913. PartsAPS has a wide in-stock of Trane Parts or the Trane HVAC Parts. These include the Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Air Conditioner Parts, Trane Compressor Spare Parts, Trane Blower Motor Parts, Trane Control Board parts, and much more.

Trane’s son Reuben who earned a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin in Madison was brought by his father into the business. Within very few days the plumbing business was dropped by them and they started concentrating on the heating products. Reuben came up with the idea for the convector radiator in the year 1925. The machine could circulate the hot water through a coil, rather than the bulky or heavy cast-iron which is used in radiators. Reuben along with it also started the new training program of the company for the engineering graduates. We have made online shopping easy for you. You can put your trust in us and shop for the high-quality Trane Parts, Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Air Conditioner Parts, Trane Compressor Spare Parts, Trane Blower Motors, Trane Blower Wheel, Trane Circuit Board parts, and other Trane HVAC Parts. We can also provide you with the best quality Trane Replacement Parts. This company became the pioneer of the air conditioning in the new field.

In the year 1931, the Trane Unit Cooler was introduced that blew the air over coils which contained the well water. The Midwestern movie theatres became famous for they used the Trane products. At the same time, home as well as, the general economy was at a standstill due to the great depression during that time. With all these problems popping up, Trane still survived and made many innovations that are to be used in the field of commercial cooling and heating applications for the upcoming decades. Among their several innovations, one was the first hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine, named as the Turbovac. Locate PartsAPS store today for your Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Air Conditioner Parts, Trane Blower Motor Parts, and other Trane HVAC Parts. For ordering easily your needed Trane Replacement Parts, Trane Blower Wheel visit our website page soon.


Product Description:A Blower Wheel is a fan Device used for moving Air. This Blower Wheel is one of the HVAC Spare Part and to Control Air Pollution.

Suitable with Other Models:
Product Specification-
  • Manufacturer- Trane
  • Product Name- Blower Housing and Wheel For Trane Part
  • Part Number-BLW0308
  • Number of Items- 1
  • Item Weight-19.0 pounds

Trane’s heating and cooling technology that was getting used in the industries ranging from the armament production to the food dehydration. The Trane Company supplied thousands of naval vessels and produced a critical component in order to fight aircraft called intercooler. This is an extremely new, lightweight, effective, and it allowed the Allied piston engine performance to match with the Germans. Browse for the latest Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Air Conditioner Parts, Trane Compressor Parts, Trane Compressor Spare Parts, and other Trane Parts or the Trane Replacement Parts including the Trane Control Board on PartsAPS. Now maximize your environment with the top-quality Trane HVAC Parts and supplies.

Following the war, Trane expanded vertically and benefitted from the domestic building boom. It made its own reciprocating compressors since 1950. It was in the middle of 1950s that Trane focussed on the applied air conditioning systems. These air conditioners were custom designed and assembled on site. Later, Trane became successful in the unitary air conditioners. The 1960s was a time of global expansion. In the year 1964, Trane had built new plants. It also added plants in the U.S., Lexington, and Kentucky in the year 1963and in Rushville, Indiana in the year 1972. The company’s production, research and development also expanded in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The company had started manufacturing in Great Britain in the year 1971. Order online all your Trane Parts, Trane Replacement Parts, Trane Blower Wheel parts today. We will deliver your order very soon at your doorstep.

Trane did its business mostly in the large industrial and commercial units. The company was acquired by the American Standard Companies in the year 1984. It remained the largest of its three businesses, namely, the Air Conditioning Systems and Services, Bath and Kitchen, and Vehicle Control Systems. Ingersoll Rand acquired the Trane Company on 5th June 2008. It transformed it into a multi-brand manufacturer of commercial products which can serve its customers in the diverse global markets, heavy machinery profile of the past, and also away from the capital intense. Trane has more than 29,000 employees in 104 locations, and in more than 28 countries. It has an annual sale of more than $8 billion. Trane is also involved in conserving energy and renewing it. Search for your most needed Trane Blower Wheel parts today.

Trane Actuator-

Have you any idea of what actuators are? Well, actuators are the mechanical machines or the devices that will provide some limited or controlled movements that can be operated manually, electrically, or by fluids like the air, hydraulic, and more. The two basic motions of the actuator are rotary and linear. Trane Actuator is exactly the same. The linear actuators help in converting the energy into straight line motions, they have a pull and push function usually. And the rotary actuators help to convert the energy for providing rotary motion.

Trane Actuators need a control signal along with a source of energy. The main energy source can be of an electric current, pneumatic pressure, or the hydraulic fluid pressure. When the actuator receives any signal, it converts the energy of the signal into the mechanical motion.

The pneumatic actuator helps in converting energy formed by the compressed air into rotary or linear motion. PartsAPS has a huge collection of Trane Pneumatic Actuator. The pneumatic actuators are very safe, reliable, and cheaper. They are also considered to be more powerful than the other actuators. Grab your Trane HVAC actuator from online today.

At PartsAPS, we supply all your required parts which will definitely support all of your HVAC needs, no matter what system you are working on. You can rely on us and we will provide you with the best solution to meet all your needs. We can do this by solving all your existing problems. We can help you to be more profitable, knowledgeable, and productive. Our prime objective is to provide our customers with the high-quality products and satisfy you. You can simply search for your required Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Circuit Board (Trane Furnace Control/Circuit Board), Trane Blower Wheel, by just entering the part/model number. We will give you the list that will suit your model exactly.

Product Description of Trane HVAC actuator:-

Product Name: Trane ACT0478 24V NEMA 2 Actuator

Product Description: Trane ACT0478 24V NEMA 2 Actuator Heating and Air Conditioning Part and which has other suitable Models like:

  • MOD1301, ACT0696, ACT0478
  • ACT0387, MOT8839, ACT0433
  • ACT0672, MOT5704, ACT0374
  • Product Number:ACT0478
  • Manufacturer Name: Trane

Specifications: 24V, 175InLBS, Trane ACT0478 24V NEMA 2

A circuit board connects electrically and supports mechanically the electronic components by using the conductive tracks, pads that are etched from one or more than one sheet layers of the laminated copper or between sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate. For the best selection of Trane Circuit Board parts, Trane Furnace Circuit Board parts, visit our website.

On our website, you will get every detail of Trane Furnace Control/Circuit Board, according to your requirements.

There are two types of gas furnace control boards. In the first place, the simple ignition controls the gas valve, the ignitor, and also a flame sensing circuit. Another type of control board is the integrated furnace control. We have a huge collection of the Trane Furnace Control/ Circuit Board.

With the increasing problems in the furnaces today, we are offering you a wide range of Trane Furnace Control/ Circuit Board parts. Find here to fulfill all your requirements for Trane Furnace Parts here. Get all your Trane HVAC Parts on PartsAPS.

The electronic circuit boards are made up of the electronic components. These include transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes, and inductors. They all are connected by conductive wires and the electric current can flow through that. These circuits can be made of discrete components that are usually connected by the individual wire pieces. Nowadays, it is very common to create interconnections with the help of photolithographic techniques on a laminated substrate. Electronic circuits can be categorized as the analog circuit, digital circuit, or the mixed signal circuit. Check more for Trane Furnace Control/ Circuit Board , Trane Furnace Motor Parts, Trane Blower Motor Replacement Parts on PartsAPS.

Product Description for Trane Printed Circuit Board:-

Product Name: Trane BRD0741 Printed Circuit Board

Part Number:BRD0741

Product Description: The Trane Printed Circuit Board has Small Green Chips and these are the used to the connection of Electronics and Circuit Boards are used in Computer Devices, Mobile Devices and other Electric Devices. Circuit Chips are made up of Copper Foil bounded on both Sides.

Suitable with Other Models:
  • BRD3456, BRD4939
  • BRD3067, BRD0741

The pressure switches have the ability for closing an electrical contact after a set of fluid pressure has reached the input. This switch perhaps is designed so that it can make contact with the rise and fall of pressure. The Trane Pressure Switch is one of our popular products. Trane Air Pressure Switch is used in the industry so that it can supervise and control the systems automatically which uses the pressure fluids.

The Furnace Pressure Switch has a built-in feature that is designed in a way where it can monitor the negative pressure that is made by the inducer motor. Moreover, the control board checks the centrifugal switch in the meanwhile for ensuring that it is non-energized and open. It is only then that the pressure switch can diagnose the draft motor and it also helps in moving the heat throughout the home. Like the other pressure switches, Trane Pressure Switch is also designed for guarding against any kind of dangerous gas leaks. In case of mechanical failure, they also help in preventing furnace cycling. For this improves the safety of our house from any kind of furnace damage.

The HVAC Pressure Switches has a capsule, Bourdon tube, and other material which helps in deforming or displacing proportionally to the applied pressure. There is another type of pressure switch which can detect mechanical force. The sensors are also used in your air-conditioning machines. PartsAPS has a wide collection o HVAC Pressure Switch, including the Trane Pressure Switch at very reasonable prices.

Your furnace pressure switch can malfunction at times due to its age. For this, it cannot get accurate readings which results in faulty furnace cycling. The diaphragm can also get coated or it may become stiff and reduce its effectiveness. There also can be a build-up of dust and dirt that prevents the pressure switches to work properly. Very tiny bits of contaminants can stop the switch to function properly and can cause a shutdown. For this reason, the best option is to replace your HVAC Pressure Switch. You can simply search for your Trane Replacement Parts at PartsAPS.

The pressure switches usually vary according to the type of furnace you have. The furnace pressure switches can be conventional which means that the single-stage furnaces will have one-hose leading to the draft inducer furnace. And the condensing furnaces contain two hoses which lead to the pressure switch. You can believe in us when it comes to replacing your parts. Get Trane Air Pressure Switches easily here.

Trane Pressure Switch is also adjustable. The industrial pressure switches have calibrated scale and a pointer for showing the set point of the switch, the electronic pressure switch has a variety of pressure inducer. They also have an internal circuit in order to compare the measured pressure to a set point. You too can get hold of the right parts at the right time. Get your parts faster than ever before. Get the refreshing coolness when you reach home after a tiresome journey on a hot and humid day. Or also, get the ultimate warmth on the coolest winter nights with the Trane Furnace Parts. So, select your HVAC Pressure Switch now.

Product Description-

The SPST Pressure Switch for Trane Part of part number CNT3671 has -40 to 190 degree F operating temperature with 3A Full Loaded and 18 A locked Rotor at 24 VAC. It also has snap acting contacts and 23VA pilot duty at 24VAC.

Product Specification-
  • Part Number- CNT3671
  • Number of items- 1
  • Manufacturer- Trane
  • Item Weight- 3.0 ounces
  • Product Dimensions- 9X6X4 inches
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