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Introduction and Installation of HVAC Blower Motor Parts

HVAC BLower Motor Parts

To feed warm and cold air to the rooms of your house year round HVAC Systems use the blower motors. Because they work so often replacement is necessary and if you are reading this piece that means you are in need to change your HVAC blower motor parts.

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How to install the blower motor?

Before installation of the blower motor you have to remove the faulty motor. First we going to describe to remove the old blower motor Part.

  • 1. Write down the motor wire colours and where they are connected. When reconnecting the wires you need this information.
  • 2. Remove the bolts or nuts that hold the blower assembly in the furnace
  • 3. Slide the blower assembly out of the furnace.
  • 4. Unscrew the sets that attaches the wheel to the motor.
  • 5. Remove the motor mounting bolts.
  • 6. Remove the motor from the blower assembly.
  • 7. Remove the mounting bracket from the motor.

Selection of the right part for the motor is as important as proper installation, if you chose wrong part it can tear down your full equipment. So the points to be taken care when you are buying the replacement blower parts are:

  • 1. Type of drive
  • 2. Voltage
  • 3. Motor diameter in inches
  • 4. Horsepower
  • 5. Number of speeds available
  • 6. Speed in rpm
  • 7. Direction of rotation
  • 8. Size of run capacitor required
  • 9. Mounting method

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You have removed the faulty and choose the right part also now it is the time to install the new blower motor.

HVAC Condenser Blower Parts

Installing the new motor is very easy as you just have to reverse the steps of removing the motor. For that we are sharing few tips that you have to take care for a flawless installation process.

They are:

  • 1. Ensure that the wheel is Centered in the housing, before you secure the wheel to the motor.
  • 2. Ensure that you have selected the proper rotation direction.
  • 3. Be careful about all the nuts make sure you have fix all the nuts properly
  • 4. If you have enough time then it is good to replace the run capacitor when the motor is replaced.
  • 5. Test whether the blower motor is functioning properly or not
  • 6. To ensure that air is coming out or not of the supply registers, listen for noises and check.

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