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Unfortunately, sometimes we have to face some messy incident with our air conditioners when the drain pan of the A/C get damaged or clogged. Bur before go for checking our A/C drain pan let us gather basic info about the drain pan.

I'm sure, that you have noticed that in summer, the water droplets Forms outside of cold drinks bottles. Similarly condensation forms and drips into a drain pan below, when warm air passes over extremely cold evaporator coils in the A/C.

You probably have an AC drainage problem, if water is pooling around your indoor air handler. So, one of the first things you should check is the condensate drainage system, if your air conditioner won’t turn on. Some AC units will be a turn-off if it detects a condensate backup. So take some time to inspect the drain pan, to prevent the common occurrence of system shutdowns for leakage. If required we replace the (Air Conditioner)AC drain pan. There are three different types of drain pan:

  • 1. Vertical Drain Pan
  • 2. Horizontal Drain pan
  • 3. Condensate Drain pan

To help you to run your AC in good condition, partsAPS brings a wide variety of Drain Pan from various manufacturers across the globe. We assure you the high quality of the product and safe & quick delivery at your doorstep.

If you have some basic idea about the HVAC equipment, you can easily replace the faulty AC Drain Pan.PartsAPS shared our knowledge of how to Inspect and Replace the old drain pan. Hope those DIY sessions can help you to make your AC run in good condition.

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