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Nordyne Electric Furnace Parts

Sometimes, there is a good chance where you are completely unaware of the name of the air conditioner which is running in your own home. Nordyne has been popular for many decades. Nordyne previously focused on the heating and the manufactured housing market.

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But for the last 10-15 years, they are immensely developing to be an extremely efficient and quiet family of air conditioners, which got rebranded under at least 8 popular brand names.

When they entered the central air conditioner market, it was an extremely efficient set of units ranging from 21 to 24 SEER which depended on the tonnage or the BTU output of the unit.

Nordyne HVAC, now popularly known as the Nortek Global HVAC was founded in the year 1919 in St. Louis as the International Oil Heating Company. The Nordyne Parts Include Nordyne Electric Furnace Parts, Nordyne Air Conditioner Parts(Nordyne AC Parts), Nordyne Furnace Blower Wheel Parts, Nordyne Circuit Board Parts, Nordyne Gas Furnace Parts, and Nordyne Furnace Parts.

The Nordyne air conditioners have IQ Drive Technology. Wondering what it can be? Well, it is the combination of the variable speed compressor motor and the built-in intelligence which adjusts the speed of the compressor very carefully for maximizing the comfort level and minimizing the energy usage and the noise. This IQ Drive System has got top-level awards on the basis of quality and performance.

You can get all the Nordyne Parts that you require on our website PartsAPS. We have a wide range of Nordyne HVAC Parts such as Nordyne Furnace Parts, Nordyne Electric Furnace Parts, Nordyne Air Conditioner Parts (Nordyne AC Parts), Nordyne Circuit Board Parts, Nordyne Gas Furnace Parts, Nordynen Heater Parts, and Nordyne Furnace Blower Wheel Parts.

Nordyne HVAC gives you the high-value heating and air-solutions for your residence as well as the commercial markets. Nordyne is considered as a diversified company that focuses on innovation, technology-driven products, and the solutions for improving the lifestyle at your home and workplace.

You can believe us and we promise to provide you the best Nordyne Parts that include Nordyne Furnace Parts, and the Nordyne Blower Wheel Parts. We have high-quality Nordyne Replacement Parts.

The brands that sell the Nordyne air conditioner systems with IQ Drive Technology include Maytag, Frigidaire, Tappan, Philco, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Gibson, and Broan. Most of these brands sell in the residential markets or in manufactured home markets.

Nordyne Furnace Parts are recognized for their outstanding quality and efficiency. They have very few compressor failures of any manufacturer in the HVAC markets.

We value our customers so that we promise to provide you all with the best Nordyne Parts including the Nordyne Furnace Parts. You can choose for the best Nordyne Replacement Parts for yourself from PartsAPS. Here, we have updated some of the Nordyne Furnace Parts List. Check them once.

1. CIRCUIT BOARD, G7S SERIES For Nordyne Part# 920915

Product Description:-

The Nordyne Circuit Board is the brain of your unit. This Nordyne Furnace Control Board helps in coordinating and executing the operation of various components by sending the voltage wherever and whenever it is needed. The 920915 Miller Nordyne Tappan Gibson Control Circuit Board. The 920915 Miller Nordyne Tappan Gibson Control Circuit Board replaces part numbers 904840, 624742, and 624690.

Product Specifications:-

  1. Part Name- Miller Nordyne Tappan Gibson Control Circuit Board
  2. Part Number- 920915
  3. Manufacturer- Nordyne
  4. Part Type- Circuit Board
  5. Shipping Weight- 1 pound

And the 624631A Nordyne Furnace Control Board constantly monitors sensors and safety switches in the unit. Get the Nordyne Circuit Board Parts on our website page.

Product Specifications:-

  1. Part Name- Nordyne Furnace Control Board
  2. Part Number- 624631A
  3. Manufacturer- Nordyne
  4. Part Type- Control Board
  5. Product Dimensions- 15.2 X 15.2 X 15.2 cm
  6. Shipping Weight- 313 g

Product Benefits:-

  1. High efficiency.
  2. Flexible connections.
  3. No power loss.
  4. No electric fires.

2. 240-280F AUTO Limit Switch For Nordyne Part# 626494R

Product Description:-

The Nordyne Limit Switch monitors the temperature of the air passing over the heat exchanger and it will shut down the furnace if or when the system becomes overheated. Any restriction on the airflow might cause the heat exchanger for getting overheated. If the blower fan keeps on running, then the limit switch might be faulty.

Product Specifications:-

  1. Product Name- Nordyne 626494R Fan Limit Switch L280-40F
  2. Part Number- 626494R
  3. Manufacturer- Nordyne
  4. Part Type- Limit Switch
  5. Item Weight- 6.4 ounces
  6. Colour- Multicoloured

Product Benefits:-

  1. Suitable for all applications.
  2. Less energy needs.
  3. Control multiple loads.
  4. Consume little electrical energy.

3. 77"WC Pressure Switch For Nordyne Part# 632424R

Product Description:-

If the Nordyne Pressure Switches fail or if the pressure switch is very low, then it can cause the furnace to cycle on and off. For this reason, the furnace can get locked after several ignition attempts.

Product Specifications:-

  1. Part Name- Nordyne Pressure Switch/ Nordyne Furnace Vent Air Pressure Switch
  2. Part Number- 632424R
  3. Manufacturer- Nordyne
  4. Part Type- Pressure Switch
  5. Item Weight- 3 ounces
  6. Number of items- 1
  7. Product Dimensions- 8 X 6 X 10 inches.

Product Benefits:-

  1. Very good accuracy.
  2. The price is cheaper.
  3. Safe and convenient.
  4. Maximal dimensional stability.

4. Hot Surface Ignitor G3-G6,L1RA For Nordyne Part# 903758

Product Description:

You can use this ignitor with G3, G4, G5, G67 M2 Units, and can be replaced with 632-363.

Product Specifications:-

  1. Part Name- Nordyne Hot Surface Ignitor/ Nordyne Ignitor
  2. Part Number- 903758
  3. Manufacturer: Nordyne
  4. Part Type: Ignitor
  5. Weight- 0.696 lbs
  6. Hazardous Material- No
  7. Number of items- 1
  8. Product Dimensions- 6 X 6 X 6 inches

Product Benefits:-

  1. Fit for many applications.
  2. Less expensive.
  3. Improves the performance of the furnace.
  4. Trustworthy and Reliable.

5. 1/2hp 115v 1075rpm 4-Spd 48Y For Nordyne Part# 902128

Product Description:-

The Nordyne 902128 Replacement Furnace Blower Motor has a six-pin male Molex plug and mounting bracket. The Nordyne Blower Motor replaces 621324, 621895, 621999, 622014, and 903808.

Product Specifications:-

  1. Part Name- Nordyne Furnace Blower Motor/ Nordyne Blower Motor
  2. Part Number- 902128
  3. Manufacturer- Nordyne
  4. Part Type- Blower Motor
  5. Product Dimensions- 15.2 X 15.2 X 15.2 cms
  6. Item Weight- 6.35 kg
  7. Height- 11.8 inches
  8. Weight- 16.85 lbs
  9. Width- 10.5 inches

Product Benefits:-

  1. Excellent output.
  2. Fewer repairs.
  3. No extra costs.
  4. Same-day shipping.

6. 10"x10" CW Blower Wheel For Nordyne Part# 667271R

Product Description:-

This Nordyne Miller 667271R blower wheel replaces 667207 and 667271.

Product Specifications:-

  1. Part Name- Nordyne Furnace Blower Wheel/ Blower Wheel
  2. Part Number- 667271R
  3. Manufacturer:-Nordyne
  4. Part Type: Blower Wheel
  5. Diameter- 10  3/4"
  6. Width- 10
  7. Center Disc- Concave

Product Benefits:-

  1. Reduces noise.
  2. Decreases energy bills.
  3. Improves efficiency.
  4. Quick delivery service.


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