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Trane Inc. is the subsidiary of the Ingersoll Rand. It is the successor company to the American Standard Companies. This company is the manufacturer of the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) and also building management systems and controls. PartsAPS has a wide in-stock of Trane HVAC Parts at very reasonable prices. They include the Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Air Conditioner Parts, Trane Compressor Spare Parts, Trane Replacement Parts, and much more.

Trane is a global company and its international headquarters are located in Piscataway, New Jersey. This has more than 29,000 employees in 28 countries and at 104 manufacturing locations. The company Trane has more than $8 billion annual sales. Trane is also associated and involved in the energy conservation and renewable energy projects. For the high-quality Trane Parts, like Trane Air Conditioner Parts, Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Compressor Spare Parts, Trane Replacement Parts, and other Trane HVAC Parts, you can simply visit our website page. Some of our Trane Parts also include Trane Blower Wheel parts, Trane Control Board parts, and Trane Blower Motor parts.

A Norwegian immigrant from Tromsø, named James Trane, opened his own pipe-fitting and plumbing shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin in the year 1885. A new type of low-pressure steam heating system, known as the Trane vapor heating was designed. His son Reuben Trane who earned a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison joined his father’s firm. They both then jointly incorporated The Trane Company in the year 1913. Reuben invented the convector radiator in the year 1923 which made the company more established and achieved the reputation as an innovator that the Trane people have been building ever since. Get the best Trane Parts (Trane HVAC Parts) from PartsAPS. Shop with confidence for the Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Replacement Parts, and Trane Compressor Spare Parts.

By the year 1916, Trane focussed on manufacturing the heating products. Reuben’s convector motor in 1925 replaced the bulky, heavy, cast-iron radiators of those times. The Trane Blower Wheel and the Trane Blower Motor will definitely provide you with a large flow of gas and air to various parts of the building. It does so by rotating a number of blades. This is connected to a shaft and hub that is driven by a motor. Fetch your Trane Control Board parts now. You can get your most needed Trane Furnace Parts or the Trane Air Conditioner Parts very quickly at your doorstep.

This company developed its first air conditioning unit in the year 1931. The General Electric’s Central Air Conditioning Division was bought by Trane in the year 1982. They found many recognizable traits of their company’s air conditioning products after their purchase. We have made online shopping quite easy and safer for you. Shop for the Trane HVAC Parts or Trane Parts including the Trane Furnace Parts, Trane Air Conditioner Parts, Trane Blower Wheel parts, and Trane Blower Motor parts on PartsAPS. We avail same day shipping.

After the American Standard Companies broke out into three divisions on 1st February 2007, the bath division and the namesake kitchen was sold by the company and WABCO was spunned off. The American Standard renamed The Trane Company as Trane Inc. Trane guarantees that their furnaces will keep your home warmer with low operating cost. If your furnace is broken, then it will bring you many problems. Dealing with such problems is no fun. Some of our Trane Furnace Parts include blower motor, blower wheel, and control board. You can also search for your part by just entering the model number. The exact parts will be getting displayed that will exactly fit your model. PartsAPS assures to provide you with the top-quality Trane Parts.

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