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rheem furnace troubleshooting and error codes

Rheem furnaces are designed to work for a long time. If you are experiencing a problem with your Rheem/ Ruud furnace, you troubleshoot the problem before contacting a technician. You can often fix common Rheem furnace problems. You should always clean your furnace components before the start of usage. Let's take a look at the Rheem furnace troubleshooting and codes to fix your unit issues.

Rheem Furnace Troubleshooting and Error Codes

Here, you can check out troubleshooting tips for a few basic common problems and Rheem error codes

Power Issues

Your furnace should be turned on. If the unit is not starting, first check whether the power is connected or not. Verify the thermostat set point and check that is higher than the ambient temperature. If there a problem with the thermostat, try changing the batteries. You need to replace the thermostat if required. Check the gas supply, if there is no enough gas, refill and connect it.

Reset the unit by pressing the resetting button two times. If still, your furnace does not come on, inspect the circuit breaker and fuses. When there are broken wires existed or are black, replace fuses. Reset the circuit breaker if it is tripped.

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Not Receiving Heat

If your furnace not producing any heat, you have to go through the Rheem furnace troubleshooting pilot light. Check that the pilot light is lit. If it is not, you have to relight the pilot light. If your pilot light won't light, you will have to clean the pilot light area and soak up any water. You can test the transformer with a screwdriver by touching it to one of the contacts and check for a current arch. If the power is less, you need to replace the transformer.

Next, check the wires and electrodes. If any of them broken or corroded, replace them. If all of these in good condition, replace the pilot thermocouple. You are getting a heat, but only certain rooms are receiving, then you have to clean the ductwork. Keep your hand over the vent in a room and check for air. If the air coming out of the vent, it needs to clean the ducts. Also, you should remove obstructions if any from the interior vents and the exterior piping. If you notice that the exterior piping is broken or damaged, needs to be done replacement.

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Gas Smell

You have to keep your palm near the combustion door chamber if you see soot. If the chamber is extremely warm, then there may be a blockage in your home. Although, you have to clean the flue pipe, chimney, and combustion chamber. Inspect the gaskets and heat exchanger. If any of those are broken, replace them. The furnace is smelled gas, turn off the unit immediately and other appliances. It's better to leave the house for some time. Then, call your gas supplier to repair.

Temperature Rise across the Furnace

Make sure you check the temperature of the outgoing air of the closest vent. Moreover, you will require to measure the air temperature at the closest return air grille. Now, find the difference between the two temperatures and compare it to the label on your furnace.

Most heating units have a label plate on the inside that indicates a range for the proper temperature rise. If this temperature rise is less than the recommended minimum, you should verify whether all elements are operating or not. You have to check the blower motor for proper running if the temperature rise is higher than the recommended maximum. If the blower motor is running smoothly, then you may need to increase the speed. Once all of these adjustments have been done, notice the operation of your unit through a complete heating cycle.

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Rheem Furnace Troubleshooting Codes

Rheem furnaces are all designed with an advanced seven-segment diagnostic display. You will get some codes that can be used as a guide if something goes wrong with your furnace. Rheem/ Ruud heating systems don't use flashing LED light sequences to indicate errors and the display will instead give you a simple code that you can use for diagnostics. 0 means your furnace is on standby and H means the heat is ON. Here, you can see the meaning of a specific fault code.

Error Code 10 

There is a one-hour lockout in place.

11 - Failure with the ignition system.

12 - Low flame is detected.

13 - There is no flame.

14 - Unexpected flame might occur.

20 - Twinning fault could be noticed.

22 - There is a problem with the high limit.

26 - Line and neutral might be reversed.

33 - Problem with the roll-out switch.

55/ 57 - Issue with pressure switch.

58/ 59 - There is a water/ condensation problem.

61 - Furnace have a blower problem.

93 - Control problem.


The best way to avoid Rheem furnace problems is regular maintenance. So, follow the maintenance procedure all the way. Sometimes you can't fix the issues with basic Rheem furnace troubleshooting. It is still important that you learn how your unit works even you are unable to troubleshoot. However, you can take the help of experts. If you need to replace Rheem furnace parts, visit our large in-stock items. We offer a range of parts for all your HVAC systems.

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