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rheem water heaters installation instructions

Rheem manufactures a wide variety of water heater systems. The most types are gas, electric, and tankless water heaters. Rheem water heaters work simply. But, when your heater failed or installs a new one, it gets you confusion. So, if you need to do Rheem water heater installation, follow our steps. Our post includes Rheem hot water cylinder installation instructions, Rheem tankless venting instructions, Rheem recirculation pump kit instructions, etc. Therefore, get Rheem water heaters installation instructions simply from here to make your job done effectively.

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Rheem Water Heaters Installation Instructions

You should read the instructions in the Rheem installation manual when starting the process of a water heater set up. As improper installation may result in reduced efficiency, inadequate performance, lack of hot water, parts damage, property damage, health hazards, and a shorter lifespan, you make sure to follow the instructions.

When you open the package, make sure to inspect damages and all components required to set up. If something is missed or the system is damaged, contact the manufacturer's support team immediately.

Tools Required While Installing Gas Water Heater

The following things are required for the correct tank-type gas water heater installation.

Drill, screwdriver, pipe wrench, propane tank and torch, Teflon tape/ pipe sealer, tubing cutter or hacksaw, expansion tank, soft solder/ wire brush, and metal drain.


The proper location for water heater installation will eliminate carbon monoxide and fires, electrical hazards, flooding, and other similar problems. We recommended you install the heater indoors in the vertical position, vent outside and it should be protected from freezing. You have to verify with water leaking or any element leaking. That's why better to avoid upper floors and attic locations.

Choose the location to install Rheem gas water heater where drainage is available, as close to the outside wall, vent terminal, and easy access to service or operate the system. Don't install it on the carpet directly. You can use a metal or wood panel underneath the unit. Although, you should not prefer bathrooms, bathrooms, or any other small and enclosed rooms where a lack of air supply.  Make sure never to store flammable materials close to the water heater, as it caused to fire and explosion.

TPR Valve Installation Instructions

A pressure relief valve installation on a water heater is necessary. The valve prevents excessive temperature and pressure build-up from causing any harm to the tank. There should be a tube piped from the TPR valve to within 6 "of the drain, which should not be plugged or capped or no obstructions.

Expansion Tank Installation

When the unit is installed in the closed water systems, you need to install the thermal expansion tank on the cold water supply. Meanwhile, this tank lowers the pressure and temperature when they increase significantly inside the heater.

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Rheem Venting Installation Instructions

There should be enough fresh air inside the room where you located the water heater. If you installed the Rheem gas water heater in a closed area, make sure two permanent openings on the specified distance from the floor as well as top of the enclosure. The opening size will depend on the total BTU of the system. When you installed it in the open space, the air inside the room is enough for correct gas combustion.

If the fresh air is provided to the unit, the flame will burn properly with a blue blow. For atmospheric vent models, check that the air should enter into the combustion chamber from below the heater and flue vent below the draft hood. The exhaust vent has to terminate at the building outside. Also, it has to be made with the correct size and recommended material.

A flue baffle should be mounted in the flue tube. Moreover, vent connectors are properly sized and firmly clamped with screws. Stop unwanted bends, sags, and dips.

Rheem tankless venting instructions:-

All gas tankless water heaters should vent the excess warm air which they create. So, these can either vent horizontally through a side wall or vertically up through a roof/ pitch. Some models need to be vent horizontally only, some vertically only. Hence, you make sure to know which option is right for you before deciding through your Rheem installation manual.

Other Important Instructions

  • Shut off valve should be placed in the front of the system so that you can easily install, troubleshoot or do the repair of the unit.
  • A mixing valve is recommended when you have kids or to prevent the scalding water. It connects cold and hot water while the third pipe runs the diluted water to fixtures.
  • Gas pipe which connects the gas valve and gas supply line must have a drip let with 3 inches minimum length and manual gas shut off valve.
  • Read the useful information, provided on the rating plate on the water heater such as a guide for lighting the pilot light, power, type of gas, and more.
  • Install the manual gas shut-off valve so can stop gas supply to the unit in case of any failure or emergency.
  • Test all gas leaks and connections with the soap water dilution.
  • You should use dielectric or couplings while connecting the unit to the copper pipe.
  • Don't run the unit if it is not filled with water. Moreover, should not remove labels or stickers on the outside surface of the water heater.

Rheem Electric Water Heater Installation Instructions

You have to choose the best location that is close to the electrical, plumbing supply, and point of service where it can't damage the area or people due to its malfunction. Moreover, it should be protected from freezing if exposed to a lower temperature. The system must be sitting on the floor in the vertical direction with all controls.

  • Install a drain pan or put the Rheem electric water heater on the concrete blocks to protect from the floods and fast draining.
  • Set up a discharge pipe on the T&P valve. This pipe should provide the water flow to the drain without any obstructions. Insert approximately 6" from the floor.
  • Install a new cold water inlet and a hot water outlet. Better to use Teflon tape was required on the threads to avoid leakage problems.
  • To prevent corrosion, use the dielectric fittings.
  • Now, turn on the cold water supply. Open the warm water tap. Check for leaks.
  • Connect the wiring using wire nuts. Turn the power on.
  • Depends on the size of the tank as well as the wattage of the heating elements, the unit will take some time to heat the water.

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When you follow the Rheem installation manual instructions, heater water installation is not a complicated project. If you have basic knowledge and the right tools, then you can install a water heater yourself. When you are unable to do the job, call and make it with a professional.

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