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Rheem Ruud in North America is the largest manufacturer of the water heating products. It provides gas and electric water heaters, air handlers, heat pumps, gas furnaces, and much more. This brand was founded in the year 1925 and it will definitely help your family to get the best comfort with solutions that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. PartsAPS has a wide in-house stock of Rheem-Ruud Parts, Rheem Ruud Furnace Parts, Rheem Ruud Control Board parts, and other Rheem Ruud HVAC Parts. The Rheem Parts will also help you to enjoy hot water throughout the year.

Ruud stands as the pioneer as well as the inventor of the first automatic gas water heater. This brand is extremely reliable and has served more than 100 years. Ruud has highly trained workers along with the state-of-the-art equipment. Ruud’s product line has significantly made changes with the improvement and expansion and with new design techniques, also good manufacturing technologies. Ruud will surely provide you with long-lasting and efficient equipment. Shop with confidence for the top-quality Rheem Ruud HVAC Parts, which include Rheem/Ruud Heating and Air Conditioner Parts, Ruud Rheem Furnace Parts, Rheem Ruud Control Board parts, Rheem Water Heater Parts, and more. Get your most required Rheem-Ruud Parts here.

Ruud products offer residential and commercial heating and cooling, tankless water heaters, solar water heating system, conventional storage-style water heaters, and more. We are the one-stop shop solution. The Ruud products meet and exceed rigorous industry standards for its durability and quality. Their products are tested and certified by the government and also third-party testing labs for ensuring the quality standards. For more Rheem Parts, Rheem- Ruud Parts, Rheem Water Heater Parts, Rheem/Ruud Heating and Air Conditioner Parts, Rheem Ruud Control Board, and other Rheem Ruud HVAC Parts, you can simply visit our website.

It was the Rheem manufacturer that began using scroll compressors throughout the line up in 1994. It was the first residential HVAC Company. Rheem started producing the heat pumps and HVAC units for residential applications. During the Second World War, it had produced aircraft parts and shipbuilding. Edwin Ruud, who was a Norwegian immigrant living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania founded Ruud. Previously Ruud worked for George Westinghouse and gradually bought the rights for producing the products invented by him and he formed his own company in 1897. Thinking of where to buy your Rheem-Ruud Parts, Rheem Water Heater Parts, Rheem/Ruud Heating and Air Conditioner Parts, or other Rheem Ruud HVAC Parts? Simply choose from our wide range of Ruud Rheem Furnace Parts, including the Rheem Ruud Control Board.

Rheem won the top spot in the water heaters by the Builder magazine. It won for the brand familiarity. Rheem and Ruud manufactures, sells heating and cooling products used for the commercial and residential applications. Some of them are UV lamps, media filters, thermostats, heat pumps, air handlers, and more. Rheem Ruud is a subsidiary of Paloma Industries. It is one of the largest and popular manufacturers in the U.S., produces products in Bahrain, Cuba, Australia, Argentina, Iraq, Kuwait, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, UAE, and other places. Want to know about the market value of Rheem-Ruud Parts? Or are you searching for the high-quality Rheem Water Heater Parts, Rheem/Ruud Heating, and Air Conditioner Parts, Rheem Ruud Control Board parts, Rheem Ruud HVAC Parts? Visit our website to get the minute details about all your required Rheem Parts.

Air filters are made up of fibrous materials that help in removing the solid particulates like the dust, mold, pollen, and bacteria from the air. The filters that have a catalyst like the charcoal removes all kinds of odors and pollutants from the volatile organic compound or ozone. PartsAPS has a huge collection of Rheem Air Filters. Get your Rheem-Ruud Parts at lowest prices, including the Rheem Ruud Control Board. Also, shop through our wide selection of Rheem Furnace Filters available on our website

The furnace filters help in protecting the blower fan from the dust, and hair. They also help to improve the quality of your indoor air quality. These filters use minimum efficiency reporting value, also known as MERV. Filters which are higher rated allows less air flowing and can force the furnace for working hard that can cause a dysfunction. For staying safe, you need to keep checking your furnace. We will provide you with the best Rheem Furnace Filter parts at your doorstep just on time. Moreover, we have made online shopping easier for you. You can shop for your Rheem Air Filters, Rheem Furnace Filters now. Also, shop through a wide selection of Rheem Furnace Control Board at PartsAPS.

a) Product Description:-

The 21x21x5 Rheem/Ruud Protech PD540042 Air Filter substitute the air filters that are specifically designed for replacing the original brand Rheem Ruud 21x21x5 air filters. These air filters come in odour ban where odour is filtered with carbon infused material. The actual size of this air filter is 20-3/4 x 20-3/4 x 4-3/8. The Rheem Furnace Control Board monitors the features and operations with enhanced self-diagnostic controls in order to simplify troubleshooting. Order your Rheem Air Filter quickly from our website at best prices.

The Rheem-Ruud PD540042 has 1800 CFM rated air flow. This filter of part number PD540042 has an actual thickness of 4-3/8”. The pressure drop at 800CFM is 0.090. The pressure drop at 1000CFM is 0.110. The pressure drop at 1200CFM is 0.150. You can get all information on Rheem Furnace Control Board parts on our website before purchasing.

The Rheem-Ruud PD540042 has a nominal thickness of 5”. It has a nominal length of 21”. The pressure drop at 1400CFM is 0.190. The pressure drop at 1600CFM is 0.240. The pressure drop at 1800CFM is 0.290. the nominal width of PD540042 is 21”.

b) Product Specifications:-
  • Manufacturer- Rheem
  • Product Name- Rheem Air Filter
  • Part Number- PD540042
  • Replaces- PD540012, PD540012S, 540018.
a) Product Description:-

This Rheem PROTECH Pilot Thermopile Assembly Kit of part number SP20739 weighs 0.5 pounds (Lb). The length of the Rheem SP20739 is 8.6 inches. It has a width of 5.7 inches and a height of 3.2 inches.

The Rheem PROTECH Pilot Thermopile Assembly Kit of part number SP20739 is not a hazardous material at all.

b) Product Specifications:-
  • Manufacturer- Rheem
  • Product Name- Rheem PROTECH Pilot Thermopile Assembly Kit
  • Part Number- Rheem SP20739
a) Product Description:-

The Rheem RTG20006DW Water Heater Control Board allows measuring for easy temperature adjustments. It also maintains information access. You can connect up to 3 remote controls to your tank less system. This RTG20006DW is a residential wired main remote control for tank less gas water heaters.

Rheem RTG20006DW Main Control is compatible with Rheem Tankless Water Heaters. With this Rheem RTG20006DW the manifold control cable is not included.

b) Product Specifications:-
  • Product Name- UMC-117 Controller For Rheem Ruud Part
  • Part Number- RTG20006DW
  • Product Dimensions- 5.7 x 5.7 x 1.8 inches
  • Wattage- 20KW.
  • Batteries Needed- No
  • Batteries Included- No
  • Material-Plastic
  • Product Type- Rheem Ruud Part
a) Product Description:-

This Rheem Furnace Parts Conversion Kit FP-02 will allow in simple conversion of natural gas furnace to a LP (propane) installation. The Rheem FP02 replaces EP-80H, EP-80H-A, EP-80H-H, and FP-02-H.

b) Product Specifications:-
  • Manufacturer- Rheem
  • Product Name- Rheem Furnace Parts Conversion Kit LP FP-02
  • Part Number- Rheem FP02
  • Product Dimensions- 4 x 1 x 4 inches
b) Product Specifications:-
  • Manufacturer- Rheem
  • Product Name- Rheem AM39860-1 Water Heater Pilot/ Rheem Ruud AM39860-1 Burner Door
  • Part Number- AM39860-1
  • Category-Plumbing and Heating
  • Item Weight- 2 pounds
a) Product Description:

When you are looking at a PCB, you can find the traces very easily. They have the ability in replacing the larger wires that were used in the past. Supposedly, if a microchip is a part of the circuit then it will need eight connections. Moreover, the same number of holes will be made on the board. Like this manner, the parts can get mounted totally flush and without needing any long leads or wires. And this saves significant space. To know more about Rheem Control Board, visit our website page PartsAPS and select your part at reasonable prices.

b) Product Specifications:-
  • Manufacturer- Rheem
  • Product Name- Protech 47-100436-05 Control Board
  • Part Number- 47-100436-05
  • Item Weight- 0.32 ounces
  • Product Dimensions- 2.1 x 3.1 x 5.2 inches
  • Batteries Needed- No
  • Batteries Included- No
  • Replaces- 47-100436-01
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