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rheem power vent water heater troubleshooting

Rheem is one of the top brands when it comes to water heaters in the United States. These power vent heaters have various features. Although Rheem power vent heaters are designed with durable and high-quality material, it doesn't mean no problem will occur in the heater. Most expensive brands are also prone to minor problems. So, this blog is all about Rheem power vent water heater troubleshooting. This is useful for you what to do when your heater facing problems.

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Rheem Power Vent Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide

There is no need to call a professional every time. You can fix the simple Rheem power vent water heater problems without the need for professional help. However, you can know simple tips to fix the issues such as power vent water heater keeps shutting off, Rheem water heater failed ignition lockout, error codes, Rheem power vent water heater won't light, etc.

Most Common Rheem Power Vent Water Heater Problems and Fixes

You should turn off the water heater when you want to remove the protective cover. Make sure to mark on the wires so that you don't want to get any confusion when you service controls. Incorrect wiring may lead to a dangerous operation. Note that, never attempt to troubleshoot gas piping, burners, vent connectors, or any dangerous devices. For repairs to these types, you should take the help of an authorized professional.

Your heater makes a rumbling noise

This type of noise will come out due to the scale and sediment. To know if this is the case, you have to drain the water heater so that you may remove existed scale and sediment from the heater tank. Now, run the unit again and check for rumbling noise. If there is no sound, the issue was caused by scale and sediment only. If you still heard the sound, call a professional to check what else causing your heater to rumble.

The relief valve is making a popping noise or draining

This is not an acceptable condition for your Rheem water heater to be in. The accumulation of pressure created by the thermal expansion to a closed system is the preferable cause for this problem. So, to resolve this issue, you should get in touch with a plumber or service person. He will fix the problem. Make sure do not to plug the outlet of the relief valve.

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The water is too hot

Because of two reasons, there may be a chance of getting high heat water. The causes likely to be:

The gas control is too high. By changing the water temperature setting on your unit, you can solve the problem. Try yourself, by setting the water temperature level as per your preference. If it is not possible, you need to consult the professional to check out where the trouble occurred.

The second reason might be the gas control is defective. If the gas control is damaged/ defective, you should replace the thermostat immediately.

Not getting enough heat or no hot water at all

When your water usage exceeds than normal capacity, this problem may arise. In this situation, you have to wait for some time to recover the heater. The use of water has exceeded the water heater's capacity. Try and wait for the heater to recover when this occurs. The system may have found an unusual demand and is no longer functioning as expected. You can restore it back to its original strength by allowing the unit to rest for a bit.

Check for gas supply pressure and manifold pressure to identify if there is low gas pressure.

Gas control might set to low. If your heater water temperature setting is not set too low, then you need to take a look at the thermostat. By adjusting its level, you can try to fix the problem.

Inspect for any leaking or open hot water faucets. Make sure that all faucets are closed.

Check for Rheem power vent water heater troubleshooting codes. Rheem power vent water heater error codes and fixes available in the manual that you can refer to. So, if any error code is displayed, check what it means on your manual. From there, you can get the possible solutions for Rheem water heater troubleshooting codes. So, check and know how to fix it.

The heater switch may be turned off. These things will happen when you forgot to turn it back on or by accident. That's why you should exhaust all possible causes. If you didn't turn on, simply turn on it again and check for the hot water supply is back to its normal delivery.

Blower unplugged. If unplugged, you have to plug the blower back and then verify the power supply.

The combustion system has been tripped: this may cause. To fix it, you have to call a qualified professional.

The power vent water heater keeps shutting off

If your power vent water heater keeps shutting off, the thermocouple could be damaged, dirty or bent. Inspect the thermocouple. If it is damaged, replace it. If dirty, let it down for cooling and then clean.

Rheem power vent water heater won't light

The cause may be a defective thermocouple or a gas valve failure, but the issue will be as simple as a draft coming from a crack in the wall or under the door. So, we suggest you call a repair person to fix the problem.

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Summing Up:-

Above are the solutions for common Rheem power vent heater problems. If you face any other issues, once go through the manufacturer’s manual. For critical issues, you should consult a technician. Moreover, you have to follow the specified instructions if any provided in the manual while troubleshooting. Thanks for visiting!

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