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williams heaters troubleshooting

Williams heaters are a great choice for people who live in studio buildings, compact living spaces, or work in smaller offices. As they produce a sufficient amount of heat, most of the above people choose wall heaters. Williams wall heaters keep working or living zones warm by using up very little floor space. However, we all know how uncomfortable it is when stops working. Here, you have the simple tips for Williams wall heater troubleshooting so you can follow them while fixing the issue.

Guidelines for Williams Heaters Troubleshooting

Here are the few steps you need to follow while doing the Williams comfort wall heater troubleshooting process.

Williams Wall Heaters Common Problems and Solutions

Heater is not blowing warm air

If your Williams heater is blowing cool air, it may because of a dirty air filter. A leak in the duct system also caused this problem. Also, check if the gas valve is on and pilot issues. If there are no pilot problems, you have to call a professional. Sometimes there may not be enough fuel in the heating system.

Williams wall furnace pilot light won't stay lit

Check if the sensor is dirty when the heater won't stay on or lit. If it is dirty, clean the sensor.

Heater doesn't turn off

Check if the switch is turned on AUTO mode instead of in the ON position. When the unit switch is in the auto position, your heater can't turn off. If the problem is not with the switch, the thermostat might be damaged. So, test and replace the thermostat if necessary.

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Williams Comfort Heater Won’t Turn On

Thermostat power problem

The thermostat must have power in order to run your furnace. Generally, the thermostat is responsible for signaling the heating unit. So, you need to inspect the Williams wall furnace thermostat to determine if the issue with the thermostat's power. Verify the thermostat display. If it is turned ON but the display is black, there might be a power problem.

Some thermostats have batteries so that try with changing the batteries. Moreover, check the home circuit breaker box. Be sure that the breaker which controlling power to the thermostat has not tripped. You will need to reset if required.

Incorrect thermostat settings

Sometimes, you may set the thermostat at the wrong setting that causes your heating system will not to turn on. Make sure the thermostat at "Heat" mode and temperature should be a few degrees above the room temperature. You should not use "Hold" or "Vacation" mode. Check the programmed settings are correct for the time of year and household schedule.

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No power to the heating system

  • As every furnace needs electricity and a gas furnace requires natural gas utility supply, your furnace or heater won't turn without power or fuel supply. So, you need to check whether the unit has power or fuel supply or not.
  • Check the circuit breaker box. Make sure the breaker controls electricity to your unit and the air handler should not be tripped. If the air handler has tripped, reset the circuit breaker.
  • If your unit has manual on/ off switches, check them to ensure they have not been flipped accidentally.
  • Check for the blown fuse inside William's furnace. If it is blown, it must be replaced.

Loose access door

Many heating system models are designed with a safety feature where they won't operate if their access panels are not secure. It will prevent accidents and damage to interior components.

Williams Furnace Doesn't Ignite

If your furnace is turned on but does not produce heat and hearing blower running sound, the problem is likely with the ignition system.

Williams wall heater pilot light out

Older furnaces use a pilot light ignition that can go out because of drafts or another system issue. If the pilot light is blown, the gas is not ignited for creating heat as part of the safety feature. So, you have to check the manual to relight the pilot light. The general process is:

  • First, you need to remove the access panel to find the pilot light assembly inside. Next, locate the reset switch and turn ON the switch.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes to allow natural gas in the area to dissipate. So, it won't ignite once the pilot light is back on.
  • After that, shift the switch to the "Pilot" position that allows gas to flow.
  • Hold the reset button and relight the pilot light by using a match or lighter. You should hold on to the switch until the light flame burns steadily and constantly.
  • Once it burns steadily, you can release the switch and check the pilot light. Still, the problem persists, you will need to inspect the drafts that could extinguish it. Otherwise, call a professional to repair other parts.

Dirty electronic ignition

In new heating systems, carbon from combustion can build up on the ignitor which stops your unit from running. If it has, produces a click sound that indicates the heater/ furnace is trying to start up, but can't. So, you should clean it carefully as these components damaged easily.

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If your furnace shuts down suddenly

When your unit shuts down suddenly and won't turn back on at all, you have to check the dirty air filter and flame sensor.

Dirty air filter 

This is caused to raise the temperature inside of your unit. When it occurs, the Williams furnace shuts down immediately to prevent damage to other components such as the heat exchanger. Hence, you must check the air filter and replace it if necessary.

Dirty flame sensor 

The flame sensor of the furnace detects when the flame is present while gas flowing. If this flame sensor becomes dirty, it doesn't sense the flame correctly and shuts down the furnace.  So, clean the furnace flame sensor with a clean cloth.


Is it safe to leave a wall heater on all night?

Even Williams wall heaters have a number of safety features that can make them both safe and reliable, it's better to turn off the heater when you don't require it.

Do wall heaters give off carbon monoxide?

No. Electrical heaters didn't cause carbon monoxide poisoning, unlike those burn fuels like kerosine. However, don't leave cars, trucks, or other vehicles in an enclosed area.

Do wall heaters use a lot of electricity?

You can know how much electricity is used by your wall heater. Check the heater wattage. Most of the units use around 1500 watts. It totally depends on your heater wattage.

Final Words

When it comes to Williams wall heaters, it is best to keep away the furniture from the outflow of heated air. That is one of the safety features that you should consider when using the heater. Other than this, Williams heaters have many excellent benefits. However, if you have any concerns about Williams heaters troubleshooting, consult the company's repair service team.

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