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york air handler troubleshooting

When there is a problem with any Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system, we feel very uncomfortable. The York air handler has designed with many electrical and mechanical components so that can get problems from time to time. Some of the common York air handler problems may help you identify the issue and possibly fix it. You can avoid the most common problems with regular maintenance of the air handler unit.

York Air Handler Troubleshooting

When your air handler doesn't work properly, there are many areas to check for problems in and around the unit. The following initial checks are necessary before resolving any issues.

  • Compare phase of power supply and voltage with rating plate numbers.
  • Check the wiring diagram connections between the control panel and remote panel.
  • Verify the gas type and supply pressure with the official rating information.
  • See for proper blower rotation on the unit and any exhaust blowers.

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Insufficient Heating or Cooling of Home

Dirty or clogged air filters

Check if the air filter is dirty or clogged. Locate the air filters in your system with the help of owner's guide. Once you have found the filter, you should check each component and replace it if needed. Also, try to fix it by cleaning the air filter.

Clogged or dirty evaporator coil

If the evaporator is dirty, it causes to freeze and reduce the cooling capacity of the unit. So, you need to try turning off the thermostat for 1 to 3 hours and examine if it will defrost. Verify whether there are indications of water leakage below the indoor unit. If you observe any leaks and unable to defrost the coil, you have to contact an authorized specialist.

Blower Motor is Not Functioning

Sometimes excessive dust can build up and cause the motor to burn out. When you didn't replace the air filter, this type of problem may happen. Also, check for the blower motor failure. If the blower motor is failed, you have to replace it.

York Air Handler Will Not Operate

Check if the circuit breaker is tripped. You can try resetting your home's circuit breaker.


Obstructions in the airflow are one of the most common York air handler problems that can occur. This problem also could be caused by the clogged or dirty air filter. So, just clean or replace the air filter. Although, make sure to clean all of your unit's components as much as possible. Advanced models of digital thermostats will indicate a notice when you need to change the air filter.

York Air Handler Maintenance

A clean filter saves money.  Ensure the top efficiency of the air handler by cleaning the filter regularly. When the unit circuit and filters the air in your home, dust and dirt particles collect on the filter located in your indoor unit. Excessive buildup forces the unit to run longer to maintain your set temperature.

Clean or replace the filter

You should clean or replace the air filter at least once a month or twice when your system is running more time. If it is a semi-permanent filter, you can take out the filter and vacuum it. If you have a disposable filter, it should be replaced every month. When replacing the filters, use the same size and type that was originally supplied. You can buy these filters at PartsAPS. Along with this, you have to do the following:

  • Ensure fan blades are free of dust buildup.
  • Moving parts should be free of cracks and excessive wear.
  • Test if the fan RPM meets your design specifications.
  • Clean dampers of dirt accumulations.
  • Tighten bearing collar screws on fan shaft.
  • Confirm damper actuators and linkages are operational and aligned.
  • Check all coils, leaks, valves, refrigerant lines, fittings, etc.
  • Examine the rust in condensation pans and drains.
  • Check all belts for signs of wear and cracks.
  • Verify all belts for signs of wear and cracks.
  • Drain and remove moisture from all cooling coils.
  • Vacuum the whole air handler properly.
  • Align rigid couplings properly.
  • Listen for excessive noise or vibrations.

How to Change Air Handler Air Filter?

First, locate your filter. It may be located behind the bottom panel of your indoor unit. Some models have two filters.

Remove the old filter. While inserting the new one it should be clean. By following the directions pointed in the manual, you have to insert a new one.

Now, replace it with a new filter. Make sure you use the same size and type of filter.

When you are going out for a few days or when outdoor temperatures are decreased, don't run the air handler unnecessarily.

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How do you know if your air handler is bad?

When your AC air handler unit has trouble signs that may require repair. If you observe fan unit problems, condensate leaks, dirty AC blowers, and contaminated blower compartments, then you can consider your unit is getting troubles. You should take the professional repair to fix these or you can fix them with the above troubleshooting tips.

Why is there water under my air handler?

The most common cause of water leaking from your air conditioner to your home is a clogged condensate drain line. When the drain line is clogged with dirt, dust, sludge, or mold, it causes the water back up into your home. To avoid this problem, you need to unclog it.


Your York air handler is responsible for evenly distributing cool and warm air throughout your home. So, you should perform maintenance tasks regularly to increase the life span of your system. But, with so many parts, obstructions can happen in your unit that causes for not to run as it should. However, use our York air handler troubleshooting guide to fix the problems. If you want to replace any York parts, buy from us at a low cost.

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