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nordyne air conditioner troubleshooting

Nordyne air conditioners offer you central cooling that is necessary during the summer months. These Nordyne air conditioning units will work effectively in residential as well as commercial areas. However, they can run into problems so that immediate troubleshooting and maintenance are required at the necessary times. Check here a few Nordyne air conditioner troubleshooting tips that will maximize the cooling efficiency and lifetime of your unit.

Nordyne Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips

Here, you can get some useful instructions to prevent Nordyne AC common problems such as dirty filters & coils, power problems, and incorrect thermostat settings.

Nordyne AC Not Turning ON

You have to check your outdoor condensing unit whether it is connected to the power source or not. This is the initial step you have to do when your air conditioner is not turning on. Also, examine the AC to ensure that is grounded properly and secure. Also, you should verify that the disconnect switch is in ON position when your unit not turning on. This disconnect switch is located next to the outdoor condensing unit.

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Dirty Condenser Coils

Locate and check the condenser coils which are at the top of your outdoor unit. If you feel they are dirty, remove them. For removing dirt and debris, you have to connect a hose to a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the coils carefully. Also, verify and remove obstructions like leaves and branches from the place around the unit to get sufficient airflow.

Air Filter is Dirty

You can find the air filter at the back of the outdoor condensing unit. So, remove the access panel from the unit and remove the air filter from its compartment. If there is any dust and debris build up on the air filter, clean with a brush. You can wash in a mild detergent and water mix solution when the filter is much dirty. Rinse the air filter in clean water and let it dry. Once it dried completely, you have to reinsert it into its compartment. If still, the problem persists, check whether it is worn out or broken, replace it with a new one.

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

If your Nordyne AC not blowing cold air, you need to verify the thermostat settings. Ensure the thermostat is set to "cool" mode. Decrease the temperature set point to below the room temperature displayed on the screen. Assign the fan switch to "On" or "Manual" mode. You have to set the fan switch back to Auto mode if the airflow is restricted. Make sure that there are no objectives such as toys, drapes, and furniture at the air supply grilles in the house to get sufficient airflow.

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Compressor Troubleshooting

Shorted windings 

It will happen when the windings touch each other. Because of dissolved insulation on each winding, allowing the copper windings to touch one another this problem usually occur. So, test with an ohm-meter. In this instance, if you see zero resistance, the compressor is bad. Hence, replace the compressor if your get zero reading.

Open winding 

Check for winding is open or broken. If the winding is open or broken, you will get an ohm-meter reading as infinity. You need to replace the compressor if it is infinity.

Grounded winding 

It is almost similar to open winding except the winding is touching the compressor's case. If it is, the ohm-meter reading will be zero from the terminal to the casing of the compressor. Connect ohm meter's one lead to the copper pipe which is going to the discharge or suction and other to one of the CSR terminals.

If any of these conditions exist, the circuit breaker for the condensing unit trip when the compressor tries to start.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your Nordyne air conditioner can stop working due to a frozen evaporator coil. The coil will freeze when your unit doesn't get enough air to operate. Sometimes ice accumulates on the coil. Over time, the evaporator coil is encased with the ice that prevents the refrigerant in the coil to absorb latent heat. This disrupts smooth air conditioning.

To fix the problem, first, you need to inspect the damage. For this, let the coil defrost by not using the AC. Disconnect the power. Usually, this coil takes 24 hours to defrost completely. Then call a professional to rectify the problem.

AC Fan Failure

If the outdoor unit's fan is not transferring heat from indoor to outdoor properly, then the compressor may overheat or trip the safety load. So, inspect the problem of fan. Simply open the outer case of the fan and check for the issue with wiring or there might be loose components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?

If your AC is running, but it can't decrease the room temperature, the issue might be a clogged or condenser coil. Generally, the condenser fan draws air into the outdoor unit through the condenser coil to transfer heat out from your home. If the condenser coil doesn't operate correctly, it can't pull heat energy out. So, you have to fix the condenser coil problem.

Where is the reset button on my AC unit?

When you want to reset your air conditioning unit, you have to locate the reset button. Generally, the AC reset button is located in the main electrical panel inside your house. Turn off this circuit and unplug from the power supply source. Wait all power is removed from the unit and back it on.

How do I know if my AC fuse is blown?

If your air conditioner fuse is blown, you can notice that your outside unit does not respond. You can hear a minor humming noise from it. This humming noise will occur when the furnace keeps asking the air conditioner to run or no power.


That's all about common Nordyne air conditioner problems and solutions that you can face during peak time usage. These issues need to be solved to avoid bigger AC problems. With our Nordyne AC troubleshooting guide, you can safely assess problems and get them resolved. For any specific instructions for your model, you can refer to the Nordyne air conditioner manual. However, regular maintenance is the key to prevent common issues.

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