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nordyne furnace troubleshooting

Have you ever experienced problems with your Nordyne furnace? Now, with our quick Nordyne gas furnace troubleshooting guide, you can repair your system without the help of a technician. Let's check out the Nordyne furnace common problems and their solution tips.

Nordyne Furnace Troubleshooting

Is your furnace not starting, oil pump damaged or any other problem sensed? Get the best tips for your Nordyne furnace common issues.

Furnace Doesn't Start

Thermostat Not Calling For Heat

You have to check the thermostat and adjust it if required. See for the accuracy of the thermostat. If your thermostat is mercury switch type, it might be off level.

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No Power To Furnace

See the furnace switch, main electrical panel furnace fuse, and circuit breaker. Also, verify for any other hand-operated switch like the old furnace switch which was not removed during the unit replacement.

Thermostat Faulty

Remove the thermostat wires from the oil primary control terminals. And, place a jumper across T-T. If the furnace starts to operate, you need to do the thermostat replacement.

Oil Primary Control Faulty

Check the reset button on the oil primary control.  Remove thermostat wires from oil primary control terminals T1 - T2. Check for 24 volts across T -T. If no voltage is present, check for 115v to oil primary control.

Open Safety Switch

You have to check the open limit switch and internal wiring connections, loose connectors, and so on.

Furnace Will Not Start without First Pressing Oil Primary Control Reset Button

No Fuel Oil

Verify the fuel oil supply. And, once examine the fuel oil valves are in the open position or not.

Clogged Nozzle

If there is a clogged nozzle, you should replace the nozzle with quality. Take the reference from the manual.

Sometimes your oil filter might be clogged. So, you have to replace the oil tank filter or an in-line filter is used.

Low Oil Pump Pressure

You have to adjust the pump pressure by connecting the pressure gauge to the oil pump. Make sure that erratic pressure readings are not caused by a defective fuel oil line.

Defective Burner Motor

Finally, check for the damaged burner motor. If the burner motor is cutting out on overload, determine the causes or replace it.

Oil Burner Sputtering At Nozzle

Electrodes Are Defective Or Out Of Adjustment

So, you need to go to the electrodes section and check their settings. Also, see if there is dirt buildup or cracks in the porcelain.

Defective Transformer Or Poor Transformer High Voltage Connections

Verify the contacts between the igniter and electrodes. If they are perfect, you have to replace the igniter.

Fuel oil filter clogged

If it is clogged, needs to be done the replacement. Buy original oil filters and replace them.

The Oil Pump is Defective

Check the oil pump pressure and burner motor/ fuel oil pump coupling. If need, replace the fuel oil pump.

Fuel Oil Line Partially Clogged Or Contacts Air

Bleed air from oil line. If still a problem occurs, replace the oil line.

Excessive Fuel Oil Consumption

Furnace Temperature Rises Too High

Your furnace temperature rises ideally but should not exceed 85°F. Check the blower fan for excess dirt or debris build-up. Try to speed up the blower fan.

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The Fan Stops Too Soon

Check the "fan off" delay time setting. Use a duct thermometer in the supply air plenum to take off or the first few inches of the supply air trunk duct. Plenum take-off or first few inches of the supply air trunk duct. Ideally, the fan will shut off at a temperature of 90° - 100°F. Manipulate the dip switch settings to come as close as possible to this “fan off” temperature.

Fuel Oil Leak

Check fuel oil line for leaks. If there are any leaks, you have to repair or replace them.

Thermostat Adjusted Improperly

Try increasing the heat anticipator setting. If your thermostat is affected by sunlight, ductwork, drafts, etc., relocate it.

Nordyne Furnace Does Not Warm House

Check for the airflow is blocked or there might be a dirty air filter. If it is, clean or replaces the filter.

Thermostat adjustments or location - You need to verify the thermostat heat anticipator setting against the measured amperage draw. Try increasing the setting.

Insufficient airflow - Examine all dampers. Open the closed dampers including registers in unused rooms. If the temperature rise is too high, you have to speed up the blower fan.

Test the high limit function of all limit switches by using a duct thermometer. Also, check for obstructions to airflow around the limit switch bi-metal elements. If necessary, you need to replace the control.

Under-sized nozzle - Check the nozzle size. Try using a larger-size nozzle if the problem is not because of airflow problems.


What Would Cause A Furnace Not To Kick On?

Mostly, the pilot light failure or faulty ignition sensor caused your furnace not to ignite. So, once check both the ignition sensor and the pilot light. To fix this issue, place the front panel back on, turn the gas on and turn the unit back on. Now, set the temperature on your thermostat to check if your furnace will ignite.

Where is The Reset Button On My Furnace?

Sometimes, you need to be reset the unit while fixing issues. You can locate the reset button on your furnace inside the blower compartment behind the blower motor. You should be cautious while finding the reset button as the housing may be hot.

Why is My Furnace Clicking But Not Turning On?

Sometimes, you can hear a clicking sound from your furnace but it will not provide heat when you start it. If spark ignitor of the furnace is trying to ignite the pilot light or burners but failing to do it, it might because of a malfunction of the ignition system. So, you have to fix the ignition system problem.

How Do You Bypass The Pressure Switch On A Furnace?

Bypassing the pressure switch is not a repair, its only a troubleshooting technique to isolate the problem. Shut off the thermostat and circuit breaker. Locate the pressure switch which is connected to a plastic hose and two wires inside the furnace. Unclip these two wires from the metal contacts. Splice the connectors on the wires with a short piece of tape. Now, switch on the circuit breaker and activate the unit at the thermostat. If your furnace operates normally, then consider that the pressure switch is defective.

What Does 1 Hour Lockout Mean On Furnace?

Your furnace controller shuts off fuel and power to prevent unsafe operation if any sensor reports an unsafe condition. This condition is called lockout. Your unit will remain normally in the locked out state until you reset it manually.

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Hope this Nordyne furnace troubleshooting will help you to fix the problems easily. Still, the problem persists, you can refer the Nordyne furnace manual troubleshooting. For replacement of furnace parts, choose PartsAPS. Here, you will get your needed Nordyne parts at best pricing!

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