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condenser fan motor for your air conditioner

Having a malfunction of the condenser fan motor in your air conditioning system? It irritate you without the proper working of your unit. So, better to replace it with a new motor. So, buy and make a replacement quickly. PartsAPS is one of the best stores to purchase the AC condenser fan motor. Please go through this blog to know more about the condenser fan motor. To help you more, we have updated the below information.

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The condenser is located in the outdoor unit of any HVAC system along with the compressor and condenser coils. This condenser motor acts as a key component in the operation of the entire air conditioning system.

It keeps the air conditioner cool while the fan motor swings the blades, blowing air into the liquid through the condenser coil where the refrigerant is cooled from the hot gas. Outdoors warm air from the house is drained during this process.

However, it's important that the condenser doesn't overheat or work too hard. Normal maintenance involves at least once a year lubricating the fan and other components, before turn on the air conditioner for the season.

Before going to a replacement, first, we have to know about the importance of a condenser fan motor of AC, how to diagnose, signs of bad component, etc. Therefore, continue to read this blog for getting information.


Importance of HVAC Condenser Fan Motor

In an air-conditioning system, a refrigerant absorbs the heat from the surrounding air and produces cool air that can circulate your home. The condenser is the part of the system that releases, heat that refrigerant has absorbed during the cooling process which makes the system ready for the next cooling cycle.

The condenser fan blows the heat passed through the condenser coil as the refrigerant absorbs the heat, so that the heat can release. Also, this motor is the condenser fan driver, and your air conditioning system must work properly.

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How to Determine the Problem of Condenser Fan Motor?

If you are unable to decide whether your unit's fan motor failed or not, then have a look at this. When a condenser fan motor often goes wrong, your AC initially works then fails. For example, in the summer when it is hot and a device is turned on it will first blow cold air then stop and blow air in the room temperature for a short period.

The easiest way to tell if the unit has a damaged condenser fan motor is to turn the AC on and stand next to the condenser. The fan will turn ON and blow out air at some point. The fan is not running constantly only when it's needed, but if twenty minutes or more passes by and the fan doesn't kick on then there is most likely.

If a fan motor is not swinging, you can use a small stick to reach the blades and give them a nudge that will make it run again sometimes but will soon stop. If the motor is not running at all the bearings are most likely bad and the motor needs replacement.

Some of the Signs of Bad Condenser Motor

  • A fan is Moving Slowly or Stationary
  • Burning Smell
  • Unusual Sounds

Now, we are going to tell you a few tips while operating at the condenser fan motor.

You have to be cautious when the blades turn at a high RPM while operating with a fan motor, which may cause injury. Never place your arms, fingers, or any part of the body in the blade's path. Be sure that the power to the HVAC unit is off before removing a condensing fan motor, too.

A bad motor will unexpectedly start working again and spin out of control causing damage if not bolted in place. The same thing may happen when a new motor is mounted, or when a problem fixed and the power is on.

If the motor is bad, measure the height of the fan blade to the finger guard before you ever take it out. Moreover, you should place the blade is paramount to the condenser's operation, even more so than its original positioning on the motor shaft. Also, always you have to keep any replacement fan blades at the same height exactly. If you place it wrong, then the compressor will overheat and burn out.

If you are replacing the air conditioner condenser fan motor, you have to consider these factors. They are RPM, frame size, HP, and voltage. So, check your old motor specifications and then find out the new one exact for replacement.

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Where to Buy Condenser Fan Motor for your AC?

Most AC condenser fan motors are not expensive. Hence, first, you make sure to select the seller who offers these items reliably. We proudly say that PartsAPS is the number one store to get your required HVAC condenser fan motor at very less prices. You can get high quality as well as OEM motor at competitive prices.


The condenser fan motor plays an important role in preventing the condensing unit of your air conditioning system from overheating. So, you have to keep it in good condition. If you are looking for a reliable seller, consider PartsAPS. You can contact us for any further queries. Thanks for visiting!

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