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Why AC is Not Cooling?

“Why isn’t my air conditioner cooling my home!?” It’s a common question we hear in summer. No worries!! PartsAPS will help you troubleshoot this annoying problem. Before guiding you for the troubleshooting, to help pinpoint the cause of the problem we need to ask you a few questions.

Air conditioners are complicated systems to work properly that need the perfect combination of temperature, airflow, and pressure. There are many places your AC can fail along the way, as Air conditioning systems are complex. Luckily, it is not always an expensive repair!

Why AC( Air Conditioner) is not cooling?

Most common reasons behind AC not cooling are:

Problem 1: Clogged air filter

The air filter might be clogged, if the air conditioner does not cool. In such case, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is greatly reduces as air cannot flow through properly. Either replace it or clean the air filter as needed.

Problem 2: Dirty coilsc

The condenser coils may be dirty and loaded with debris, if the air conditioner is not cold enough. In an AC, the condenser dissipates heat, like a radiator. To dissipate heat outside, the condenser coil must be clean. The air conditioner becomes less efficient, as the coils get dirtier, which makes it work harder to cool the room.

Problem3: Insufficient coolant

The coolant cools the air flowing over it by circulating through the evaporator coils and eventually sends cool air into the room. So the AC fails to cool, when the level of this coolant becomes insufficient. At this stage refill it or else call a PRO for coolant top up.

Problem 4: Faulty compressor

A compressor is responsible for cooling your room as it is known as the heart of an air conditioning unit. The compressor might be defective, if the air conditioner does not cool. The compressor is a motor which helps circulates the compressed refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. If the compressor goes bad then AC fails to cool.

Problem 5: Faulty thermostat

A thermostat hints the compressor to start or stop the cooling cycle, as it is a sensor that senses the room temperature. The air conditioner does not cool or may cool continuously, if the thermostat is defective.

Problem 6: Undersized AC

A common mistake people make is that they buy an AC not based on the requirement of the room. It is hard to cool the huge room in peak summers with small AC. The size of the AC should be according to the size of the room.

These are all some common reason behind the problem you are facing in this sizzling summer. To fix this issue yourself read on to learn a few DIY methods you can try and when you need professional service instead.

How To Repair Air Conditioner That Does Not Blow Cold Filter

Lack of adequate air flow is one of the most common causes of window air conditioners not blowing cold air. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is greatly reduces as air cannot flow through properly. So let’s start with replacing the air filter. Clean or replace the filter as often as required. It is located behind the front grille. If the evaporator coils are very dirty PartsAPS recommends for changing the filter, before that try to clean it with soapy water and a soft brush.

We have parts for various manufacturers. Find your air conditioner air filter and start your repair!

Fan and Fan Motor

The problem could be the fan or fan motor, if your window air conditioner is not blowing cold air. To perform any checks, removal of the cabinet will be necessary as the fan and motor are located inside. Make sure that the blades are not damaged and the fan motor will turn easily. The fan blades or the motors will need to be replaced, as if the motor is seized or if the fan blades are damaged. But these tests are more complicated, so it is safe that a qualified person who is comfortable with the use of a multi-meter should perform it.Find your Air conditioner fan and fan motor and start your repair!

Electronic Control Board or PCB Assembly

If you have inspected the air filter and fan motor and found them okay, but still your air conditioner not blowing cold air and then you may have a problem with the Control Board, sometimes referred to as the PCB. Depending on the selected temperature, this control board turns the compressor on or off. No cooling will take place, if the control board is defective, as power may not be send to the compressor. Before condemning the control board, must inspect the thermister first for any signs of damage or corrosion.


The problem may be in the compressor circuit, if your air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air. To help start the compressor, most window air conditioners use a capacitor. The compressor won’t start, if the capacitor fails Access to compressor and capacitor will require removal of the cover as they are located inside the cabinet. You will require a qualified person to check it with special test equipment, if the capacitor does not show any visible signs of damage. Make sure that whenever you are going to purchase the replacement capacitor that has the same specifications as the original.


If you have inspected the air filter and fan motor and found them okay, still your air conditioner is not blowing cold air then you may have a problem with the thermistor. To turn the compressor on or off, this component is found on electronic control models. To turn the compressor circuit on, thermistor will not provide the proper signal for the control board, if the thermistor is defective. If there are any signs of damage or corrosion replace the thermistor.

PartsAPS has air conditioner parts for thousands of manufacturers. Find your electronic control board or pcb assembly, capacitor or compressor to start your repair!

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