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How to Replace Furnace Flame Sensor?

Replace furnace flame sensor

You may need to replace the furnace flame sensor, if you have a furnace flame sensor in your heating furnace. Sometimes the malfunctioning of the sensors leads to cut out your furnace every few minutes. And it is really annoying. The only solution for your flame sensor is to remove it and install a new one after you have determined that your flame sensor is causing malfunction.

But no need to worry as replacing the flame sensor is not a difficult task maximum it will take 1-2 hours to complete task if you follow the steps mentioned bellow. Some basic home maintenance skills are enough to do this replacement. Scroll down to get your work done; PartsAPS has shared a detailed oriented guidance for the reinstallation of the furnace flame sensor.

Step by step guide for the replacement of the furnace flame sensor:

1.Locate the Furnace Flame Sensor

Inside your furnace first find the flame sensor. Maintain the safety measure by turning off all heating so that flame cannot travel into the furnace. Using your screwdriver open the top. Now you will able to see the L shaped device connecting to gas or the electric circuits, the device is hanging from the pilot burner. This L-shape is the furnace flame burner which you need remove. In order to access the flame sensor, you may have to remove the whole pilot burner set.

2.Get a Replacement

To do replacement work you have to purchase on spare part, for that check the owner’s manual carefully to get the exact part number of the product. The flame sensor will need to have an exact part, unlike ignition mechanisms. Remember when the furnace reaches the correct temperature that it controls turning the heat off so any malfunction in the sensor could cause the furnace to overheat. So it is important to get the exact part of the Furnace flame sensor.

3.Remove the Old Sensor

Wait at least half an hour before touching the flame sensor, once the furnace has been turned off. Before this cooling period, it will be extremely dangerous to touch. You will have to remove the lot, if in case the sensor is attached permanently to the ignition system. It may also be attached via a screw. You should remove the wire leads connected to the sensor, by removing the screws using your screwdriver or a wrench as it may be attached by using screws.

4.Add the New Sensor

By the pilot ignition system, place the new sensor in position. Check whether the position is right – it should have a clear view of the pilot light as the sensor should be facing the correct way, now tighten the screw, after finalising that the sensor is the right position.

5.Turn on the switch

You can attach the leads back to the electrical control box, by connecting electrical leads to the sensor. Turn the electricity back on, after screwing the access cover back down.

That’s all from the DIY project of replacing the furnace flame sensor. Hope you liked it. Please share you valuable experiences with your furnace flame sensor replacement.

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