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asco solenoid salve troubleshooting

At some point in the life of a solenoid valve will get faults and stop working. Because there are so many potential reasons for solenoid valves malfunction. Generally, these valves are quiet and simple to fix their problems. It's an important thing to keep the solenoid valve is functioning as effective at all times. When they failed, you should fix the problem quickly. This post describes the ways for ASCO solenoid valve troubleshooting. Read on to find out how do you troubleshoot a solenoid valve?

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ASCO Solenoid Valve Troubleshooting

You have to start troubleshooting your solenoid valve with check of the voltage and pressure input. The possible causes with inoperative control relay or fluctuating pressure regulator. Once the voltage and pressure checked, you need to inspect the valve. The main reasons behind the valve fail to operate are:

  • Low or no voltage.
  • Burned out solenoid.
  • Pressure higher than the valve's rating.
  • Foreign matter in the valves.
  • Binding core or damaged core tube.

Your solenoid valve core should move within the core tube and contact the plunge when the coil is energized. Ensure there would be a sharp metallic click sound at energization. Due to an electrical problem, there might be no click. For most valves, the voltage applied to the coil should be a minimum of 85% of the nameplate voltage rating.

If the valve is getting proper voltage but there is an absence of the click, it means the line pressure is higher than the valve's rating. If line pressure is fine but the core is moving in the core tube, then check if the disc is swollen or cut or the core itself has been damaged.

A pilot-operated valve may fail to run when energized even though a click has been heard. The possible causes for no-flow conditions include:

  • The insufficient pressure drop across the valve.
  • Ruptured diaphragm or damaged piston ring.
  • Plugged or restricted pilot orifice.

Pilot operated and direct-acting valves will fail to operate when de-energized due to:

  • Faulty control circuit.
  • Scale or other foreign matter in the valve.
  • Binding core or damaged core tube.
  • Broken spring.

Pilot operated valves may be malfunctioned when de-energized because of:

  • Plugged bleed orifice.
  • Damaged pilot seat or disc.
  • Damaged diaphragm or piston.
  • The insufficient pressure drop across the valve.

Excessive solenoid sound could be caused by:

  • Loose solenoid parts.
  • Low voltage.
  • Defective relay.
  • Improper electrical control signal.
  • Damaged spring.
  • Worn core or plugnut face.
  • Excessive system pressure.

When you troubleshoot 4-way solenoid valves controlling cylinders, it's important to follow the instructions provided in the ASCO solenoid valve manual. Some four-way valves need an oil-mist lubricator for correct operation. The pilot activated four-way valves normally require full-size piping for pressure inlet and exhaust. In some of these 4-way models, make sure to install speed control devices in the cylinder connections.

Faulty cylinder operation is often caused by the cylinder itself. So, you have to check for:

  • Misalignment between the piston rod and connected load.
  • Lack of lubrication.
  • Worn and leaking piston cups allow fluid to exhaust through the valve.
  • Foreign matter in the speed controls.
  • System overloading, low line pressure, or undersized hoses or fittings.

If there is no problem appear in the cylinder, you should check the valve.

Direct-acting valve doesn't operate when the valve circuit is energized

Low voltage or no voltage to solenoid might be caused for this problem. So, you need to check the voltage at the coil. For most of them, the voltage must be of at least 85% on nameplate rating.

Burned out coil - To determine and fix this, refer to the valve manual in the coil failure section.

Check if there is a binding core or damaged tube. If it is, you need to replace them.

If it was caused by excessive foreign matter jamming core in core tube, clean the valve and install strainer close to the valve inlet.

Excessive fluid pressure - Check and reduce the pressure to the normal rating. Otherwise, replace another suitable valve.

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Pilot operating valve doesn't work when the valve circuit is energized

For this problem, first, you need to verify the possible causes and solutions that are related to the direct-acting valve. Once they have completed, but it still is not operating, follow the below:

The low-pressure drop across valve - The valve might be oversized. Make sure to replace it with one having a smaller orifice. Also, try increasing pressure if possible.

Ruptured diaphragm or piston ring - You will require to replace the related ASCO parts.

The possible causes include plugged or restricted pilot orifice. Clean the valve as well as the pilot orifice.

Direct-acting valve will not close or shift when the valve circuit is de-energized

Coil not de-energized - For this, you should examine the electrical control circuit. If there are any electrical problems, repair yourself or with the help of an electrician.

Check for the damaged disc, seat causing internal leakage, damaged core tube, damaged spring. If they are at fault, replace them with new ones.

The most common cause of this problem is an oversized solenoid valve. So, it's may necessary to buy a smaller orifice or increase the pressure.

Wire drawing

Dirt or foreign matter is lodged on a seat - You need to replace the valve body or install a new valve. Also, install a suitable strainer close to the inlet or valve.

Coil failure

Overvoltage - Verify the voltage of the coil. This voltage should be as indicated in the nameplate rating.

Damaged core or core tube causing inrush current to be drawn continuously. So, check for damaged spring, damaged core, scale, or foreign matter on the core inside the core tube. And, clean thoroughly. Replacement should be done if there are any damaged ASCO solenoid valve parts.

It may because of excessive fluid pressure causing inrush current to be drawn continuously. Hence, reduce the pressure or install a related valve.

Excessive ambient or fluid temperature - Class A coils are limited to the ambient temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Use Class F coils for temperatures up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. And, use Class H coils for temperatures up to 212 degrees F.

Missing or damaged solenoid valve parts - Install defective or missing solenoid housing and other metal parts. Or, correct the incorrectly assembled metal parts. The housing and other metal parts form magnetic circuit parts and are required to provide the impedance needed to limit current draw.

Moisture inside solenoid enclosure - If your valve is mounted outdoors, check that enclosure is weatherproof and gaskets are in good condition. You can use appropriate sealant where required. If you used a general-purpose enclosure in a damp or humid atmosphere, try to use watertight and molded coils.

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Final Thoughts:-

A faulty ASCO solenoid valve can't operate according to the requirements. So, refer to the above guide to know how do you check a solenoid valve? and fix the issues immediately. PartsAPS is one of the ASCO solenoid valve distributors. If you are having any trouble with the valves, you can visit our website and buy a new ASCO solenoid valve. Hope, these tips helpful for your queries related to how do you fix a solenoid on a humidifier?

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