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johnson controls metasys troubleshooting

Johnson Controls Metasys software works as a complete family of systems and servers configured to work together as a single platform unit to support the energy conversation efforts of your building. Metasys software is known to be reliable for even the most challenging applications. Also, made up of different components that provide coordinated control over the HVAC systems of your building. Even the software includes many features, you may get errors in some situations. So, have a look at this Johnson Controls Metasys troubleshooting guide to fix the errors.

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Metasys Johnson Controls Troubleshooting

Here, you can check out the Metasys Johnson Controls LCS85 error messages and their solutions.

Johnson LCS85 Problems and Solutions

Check here some of the most common problems that occurred when setting up and operating LCS85. It is necessary to isolate the LCS85 from the Ethernet network and the associated field devices and field trunks and then connect directly to it with a computer to browse the SMP UI.

Login problems

You may get login problems when you entered the incorrect username and password. If the default username and password will fail, they may have been changed by an administrator-level user. So, you have to designate the user name and password for login into an LCS85.

Problems with network connection

Mostly communication problems or network problems will arise from incorrect device names, IP addresses, and other attribute value errors in the SMP user interface. Or, these values entered into the associated network devices user interface. When attribute values of LCS85 are not matched with the respective values entered in the devices which are connected to it, the LCS85 connected devices will not establish network connections or communications.

Hence, check for proper IP addresses, device names, gateway, ports, subnet masks, and other parameters related to the network in the SMP user interface. In addition, you should verify the appropriate servers and other computers, field devices as well which are connected to the LCS85. Make sure the attribute values are correct for each device.

Reset related problems

Some changes in the settings initiated in the SMP UI should not effect until the LCS85 is restarted. You need to restart the unit whenever prompted to and allow the LCS85 to complete the restart process.

If you get the following errors when you are trying to log in

Login failed: This product is not licensed.

Action Required: License and restart this product.

This indicates the product doesn't have a license. So, you need to activate the license through the software manager and restart the LCS85 system. You can get complete details in the Johnson Metasys manual LCS85 installation section.

Once you are logged in and got the following message:

This product exceeds the licensed object count limit.

Action Required: Delete objects or obtain a license that supports more objects.

For this, first, delete the objects until what you are got in your licensed limit. You can find this objects list in the object count field on the diagnostic tab of the LCS85 in the SMP user interface.

Otherwise, buy the 15,000 object upgrade and license it using the software manager if you have a license for 10,000 objects only.

LCS85 does not communicate with any other device

  • Ensure that the power is connected to the product properly.
  • The communication connectors should be securely in place.
  • Verify the integrity of the cables and wires.
  • Finally, examine whether the Ethernet connection is set to the enabled port or not.

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No LonWorks network communication

Connect LB Builder, the COM.PRO tool or a third party LonWorks network configuration tool. Now, you have to see that it may be possible to communicate with the devices on the network including LCS85. If communication is fine, check that its database generated correctly and the system data allowed by LonWorks corresponds to the installed devices.

If you are using Loytec Configuration Server, you should see that the LCS85 is a part of the server channel list and has the status of "registered". However, verify the whole LonWorks network. For more details, refer to the Metasys programming manual.

No Ethernet Connection

  • Verify that the Ethernet connection is at the enabled port.
  • Next, check if you are using a patch cable for the hub or switch and crossover cable to connect a single system.
  • After that, you have to verify that the port as well as cable integrity. Ensure 100/ Link or 10/Link LED is green color as it indicates connection establishment. Also, have a look at the hub or switch connected into which LAN connector and plugged correctly.

Loses data

If its data loss is due to the power failure, then connect to a reliable UPS for protecting data.

Runs slowly

If your LCS85 operates slowly, try to reduce the database size. When the amount of data you are processing is too much to handle, this problem occurs.  A value of 50% or less for the CPU usage attribute is fine, although you must assess the other performance indicators. You can get more information on the Johnson Metasys site management portal help.

Generating high CPU alarms

Programming objects such as Signal Select, LCT and Global Data referencing analog objects with small COV values are the most common causes to generate high CPU alarms. Follow the steps below to identify the source for high CPU usage.

Add a trend extension to the "last idle sample" of the LCS85 as this attribute inverts instantaneous usage of CPU. For example, if the number is 5%, then the CPU converts it to 95%. The usage period of the CPU is 15 to 30 minutes period.

You have to find out the programming objects or signal select control system objects that link and disable objects with small COV value increments one at a time. After disabling the item, track the Last Idle Sample value. The Last Idle Sample could increase dramatically within 30 seconds if that item is a contributing factor to the high use of the CPU.

Once the problematic object is identified, update the COV increment to a high value before re-enabling the object.

LCS85 overheats

  • See if the product has been installed as per the installation instructions.
  • Ensure that the cables don't block the unit's ventilation unit.
  • Also, clean the dust in the unit with pressurized air.

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Final Words:-

We hope the provided information on Johnson Controls Metasys LCS85 troubleshooting tips will help you more. Stay tuned to PartsAPS to get details on troubleshooting Metasys Field Device Johnson Controls, troubleshooting Metasys LIT-12012067, and other HVAC equipment problems and solutions. PartsAPS sells high durable and quality Johnson Controls parts. If you want to buy them, order at

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