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York has been manufacturing air conditioners and other HVAC products from the 1870s to today. Meanwhile, they have developed into a good and reliable brand. They understood and incorporated the needs and demands of the crowd into their cooling systems and made them preferable, efficient, and durable.

Their heating and cooling systems are still being assembled in North America and are popular among other brands. Their air conditioning units compete with the top brands in the market. So, here are some York air conditioner reviews and descriptions of their functionality.


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York Air Conditioner Reviews

Having a long time of expertise, York developed some good features in their products. They are:

Quiet-Drive Comfort System

The Quiet-Drive system is specifically designed for noise cancellation purposes in the air conditioner unit. This will not only reduce noise but also improves energy utilization and performance. It has a composite base, a fan which is a swept-winged model, and an efficient compressor. All these are built in an isolated compartment.

Charge Assurance

This Charge Assurance is a feature developed by York to make the installation of your AC Unit easy and to make the maintenance simpler. This system is designed to make the installation process faster with accuracy. It makes sure the proper installation of your AC. With this system, maintenance is very easy as you can check the refrigerant levels without the need for disassembly.

Climate Set

The Climate Set feature in the York AC enhances the overall efficiency of the system and also makes the indoor climate and temperature perfect as you would like and prefer. After all, that is the whole point of purchasing an air conditioner!


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York Air Conditioner Series

Entry Level - LX Economy Series

York LX Economy series is an entry-level air conditioning unit. It is a budget-friendly air conditioner series targeted toward the middle class. These AC s all are single-stage cooling systems which are having micro-channel coils. so, they are small models which occupy lesser space and are easier to install than other types which have conventional coils.

This series also has compact units that are good for houses and small spaces and also some models are particularly designed for the climate of North America and Canada. The rating of SEER for the units in this series is 13 to 14. So, there are no Energy Star certified units in this series.

Some of the models are York YCS, York YFE, York YCE, etc.

Mid Level - LX Advanced Series

Air conditioners in this LX Advanced series category come with either a single stage or double stage compressor. They are a bit costlier than the previous series and are targeted toward the upper-middle class. They have a SEER rating of 17. They are Energy Star certified. So, they consume lesser power as they have micro-channel coils. They are tested and proven to be reliable and durable.

Examples - York YCG, York YFX, etc

High Level - Affinity Series

These Affinity Series consist of York’s premium units which are incorporated with all their advanced innovations. These are pricey models and the features they come with are worth the price. They are equipped with a two-stage or variable speed compressor for the best temperature control. They are Energy Star certified. They are SEER rated 19 to 20. They have Quiet Drive control system for noiseless function. The higher models also have Charge Assurance and Climate Set feature for the desired indoor climate.

These series include York YXV, York YXT, etc


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York brand provides a good warranty on air conditioning units they manufacture. The warranty plan covers the compressor, internal and external parts, and also labor. Their mid-level and entry-level units have the warranty for:

Compressor - 10-year limited period

Parts              - 10-year limited period

Labor             - 1-year limited period

But the premium York ACs have a warranty of a lifetime for the compressor.


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Final Word

York is a customer-friendly brand. York air conditioners are made keeping in mind the budget ranges of the crowd. They make simple and elegant models that cover the people down the scale. Also, they make premium and innovative models for the affluent. So, we hope these York air conditioner reviews help you in picking a unit of your own.

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