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York Chiller Troubleshooting - PartsAPS

York chiller troubleshooting

Nowadays, Chillers have become an essential component in HVAC systems for commercial spaces such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, industrial & manufacturing plants and so on. Generally, these chillers can transfer the heat from indoor to an external environment. This heat transfer device relies on the physical state of a refrigerant as it circulates through the chiller system. York chiller works as the heart of any HVAC system. However, due to overtime usage, it may become faulty. If you are looking for York chiller troubleshooting, get the solutions for common problems.

York Chiller Troubleshooting Guide

Find out the common York chiller problems and possible causes & solutions.

No display on the control panel and unit will not run

  • The Control panel might not be getting supply. Hence, check and restore the power to the panel. You need to check 1 FU, 2FU, 4FU, 5FU, 17FU or 19FU and 2T/ 10T transformers.
  • Line fuse is blown - You need to inspect fuses as well as breaker.
  • The chiller control board is defective - If the control board is defective, it need to be replaced.
  • Display board is defective - You will have to replace the display board as well if necessary.

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york water chiller sensor

Line fuse blows

Check the following things that could be caused the issue.

  • Examine and fix the SCR or Diode module if it is defective.
  • See if the IBGT module is defective.
  • If the VSD logic board is defective, you have to replace it.
  • Check for the defective SCR trigger board. If so, it needs to get replaced.

Chiller fault - Low ambient temperature

Due to a chiller fault, you may get a low ambient temperature issue. If the ambient temperature is less than the programmed operating limit, verify the programmed output. Ensure that it is programmed correctly.

Examine if the ambient sensor is defective. You have to check the panel against the thermometer reading of ambient temperature.

Chiller fault - High ambient temperature

Ambient temperature is greater than the maximum operating range. Check your outside temperature.

Another cause might be a defective ambient sensor. Replace the ambient sensor if needed.

Low leaving chilled liquid - Chiller fault

Leaving chilled liquid temperature drops faster than the unit can unload. For this:

  • You need to check for restricted flow.
  • Check for rapid flow changes.
  • See if the water loop is too small.
  • Inspect if the flow is below the minimum for chiller.

Chilled water sensor could be defective. Know the possible causes and actions to fix this problem.

  • Verify the sensor against the temperature gauge in water line.
  • Check chilled water sensor for intermittent operation.
  • Also, check wiring for shorts or opens.

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High oil temperature due to system fault

  • Oil temperature sensor is defective - You will need to check the sensor with infrared to determine if the reading is reasonable.
  • Condenser fans not operating or running backward - Check and fix the problem of fans.
  • If coils are dirty, they need to be cleaned with a clean cloth.

High discharge pressure - System fault

  • Coils are dirty - If coils are dirty, clean them immediately.
  • Check if the coils are damaged. Replace if necessary.
  • Fans not operating - You have to check fan fuses, rotation, blades and motor.
  • The system might be overcharged. If so, you need to remove the charge and check for subcooling.

System fault - High discharge temperature

  • Discharge temperature might be defective. So, inspect and replace if necessary.
  • Check condenser fans whether they are not operating or running backward.
  • Sometimes, dirty coils will be caused by high discharge temperature. Hence, clean the coils.
  • High superheat - Measure superheat with gauges and thermocouples and determine the reason behind high discharge temperature.

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york vSD logic board kit yCAV 2

High motor temperature

If you get high motor temperature input from one of the sensors, here are possible causes.

  • Refrigerant charge is low - Check subcooling .
  • Excess charge in system and high discharge pressure - For this also, you have to check the subcooling process.
  • High superheat - Drain or feed valves not controlling.
  • Incorrect motion sensor reading - Recorrect the panel program to ignore a single sensor.

System Fault - Discharge Pressure Limiting

  • Discharge transducer is defective - There could be a defective discharge transducer in your system. To know, you have to check the transducer against a gauge.
  • Ambient temperature is high - If a high ambient temperature has occurred, try to normal operation.
  • Check the operation of the fan. Repair if any problems are noticed.

VSD Fault: High baseplate temperature

  • Low coolant level: If you observed that the coolant level is low, then you need to add coolant to the system.
  • Glycol pump is defective: If this pump is defective, simply replace it to get normal operation.
  • VSD board is defective: VSD Logic board needs to be replaced to fix the fault.
  • Check for defective IGBT module and replace it if it is defective.

VSD Fault - Low DC bus voltage

Either the SCR diode module or SCR trigger board might be defective and caused low DC bus voltage. Hence, you need to check these components and repair them to fix the problem quickly.

york vSD resistor

Final Words

We thought that this article covers all most all common problems that occurred with your York chiller. Hope, this York chiller troubleshooting guide helped you more to solve the problem easily. If you have any other York chiller problems, refer to the manual. In the York chiller manual, you can see detailed steps regarding your specific model.

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