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danfoss thermostat troubleshooting

A thermostat is a vital component of HVAC equipment. The Danfoss thermostat in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning units allows you to easily change the temperature in your home or business building that leads to sustaining comfort. As thermostats do an exceptional job to keep us comfortable, problems may happen from time to time. So, in this post, we have given about some Danfoss thermostat problems and their troubleshooting tips. If you are getting problems, you can refer to our Danfoss thermostat troubleshooting tips.

Danfoss Thermostat Troubleshooting Tips

Follow these tips to fix your Danfoss thermostat issues easily.

Danfoss Thermostat Not Working

Is your Danfoss thermostat not working? This can be a frustrating problem to deal with. However, you have some easy steps to fix the issue. Try yourself once to keep your unit working.

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Test the Thermostat Settings

If you are using Danfoss programmable thermostat in the HVAC units, first, you have to test the settings to ensure it is set up correctly. You can notify one button for heat, cool, and OFF and another switch for powering the fan at your thermostat.

To solve the problem, turn the thermostat to heat mode in setting and crank the temperature up and see if the system does respond anything. If the unit's power is on, consider that there could not be a problem.

If you need to test the thermostat on air conditioning, you need to set it to cool mode and turn the fan mode to Auto. Now, turn the temperature down and wait for a few seconds. If you observe that the system is working, it's a good sign. Otherwise, there could be another problem going on.

Check Inside of Thermostat

If your Danfoss thermostat is not working at all, there may be a problem raised internally. So, you will have to inspect the inside of the thermostat. First, verify the electrical circuit breaker box and shut off the power to the thermostat. You should also turn the thermostat off and remove the top cover carefully.

Now, you have to check the wiring that is damaged, loose, or disconnected. Also, check to see if everything is clean in the wiring department.

If you found any issue inside of your thermostat or there is loose or broken wiring, that might be the problem. If not, you need to find other issues under the cover and there could be something going wrong with your HVAC system. You can also solve the issue with the thermostat replacement.

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Display Screen Is Blank

In most cases, the thermostat screen is displayed black when everything is powered on. If you are facing this problem, you have to check the thermostat for dead batteries. You have to be replaced the batteries if they are dead.

Check the access of your HVAC unit that is not closed properly. You can see a blank on the thermostat display if the door is not closed in the proper way.

When your unit doors are closed, a switch is activated that allows the heating or cooling equipment to work. If this door is open, then the switch doesn't activate and yields to the system will not work. Make sure to examine that your unit and all doors are closed.

In addition, verify for the tripped circuit breaker. A tripped circuit could be caused the thermostat to display a blank screen. If it is tripped, reset the breaker. Generally, HVAC units have their own circuit breaker. Make sure to examine this breaker to set the switch in the right position.

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Thermostat Won't Turn on Heat

If your thermostat does not turn on the heat or not maintaining heat in your building, check the batteries. If the display screen is working properly, then you need to inspect the issues with wiring of the thermostat.

Check the position of the Danfoss thermostat. It should be completely leveled. If it is not at a level, then the mercury switch in the thermostat could tend to read the incorrect temperature. It results that your system power on and off continuously. Ensure that the thermostat is completely level to fix the issue.

Thermostat Reading Doesn't Match with Actual Temperature

If your thermostat seems to be not giving the correct temperature, it could because of a temperature sensor. You may notice the difference between indoor temperature and reading temperature when there is an issue with the temperature sensor. Once check the sensor to repair. If you are unable to fix the issue with the temperature sensor, replace it with a new one.

In addition to the above, program defects and old components are also reasons behind your Danfoss thermostat not working. If your thermostat becomes old or there are any issues with the programming, replacement is the better way.


Finally, if you have done all basic Danfoss thermostat troubleshooting steps, but your unit still not working correctly, it's time to call an HVAC professional. To avoid problems in the future, pay attention while installing the thermostat. Learn how your thermostat work and how to solve some common Danfoss thermostat problems. Additionally, you will get a manual along with the thermostat. In that manual, you can see a troubleshooting section that helps you to solve the problems.

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