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The Danfoss Group globally produces the services and products that are widely used in areas like air conditioning, cooling food, controlling electric motors, bowling, heating buildings, compressors, powering mobile machinery, and drives. This company is found very active in the solar and wind power field along with the district heating and cooling infrastructure which generally targets the whole cities as well as urban communities. For the best Danfoss Parts, including the Danfoss Spare Parts, Danfoss Thermostat Parts, Danfoss HVAC Parts, you can visit our website PartsAPS.

Danfoss Group has 24,000 people approximately throughout the world and is headquartered in Nordborg, Denmark. This company was founded in the year 1933 by Mads Clausen and today it is entirely owned by The Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation. Danfoss joined the United Nations Global Compact in the year 2002. They consist of nine principles including social and environmental responsibility. Looking for the high-quality Danfoss Parts, Danfoss Spare Parts or the Danfoss Thermostat Parts, Danfoss HVAC Parts? We have all your required parts available on our website including the Danfoss Pressure Switch. As we value our customers, we promise to provide you with the best Accessories and Spare Parts of Thermostatic Valves.

The Danfoss Pressure Switch include all the components used for the general industrial purpose and the specialized switches used for the demanding applications. These Danfoss Pressure Switches help in measuring and controlling the air pressure and also the pressure of the liquids. Use the best Danfoss Parts or the Danfoss Spare Parts for avoiding the pitfalls of using any inferior-quality parts. Save your valuable time and money now with our wide range of Danfoss HVAC Parts including the Danfoss Thermostat Parts.

The Danfoss Pressure Switches are robust and accurate. They are built for long life span. They perform flawlessly even under rough conditions. We will provide you with the best aftermarket and genuine Danfoss HVAC Parts. Order your Danfoss Parts, Danfoss Spare Parts today at reasonable prices.

The thermostat devices sense the temperature of a system for maintaining the temperature of the system near the desired set point. These thermostats can be used in any system that can heat or cool to a given temperature. For example, central heating, building heating, HVAC systems, water heaters, and the kitchen equipment that include ovens, refrigerators, medical as well as scientific incubators. PartsAPS has a huge collection of the Danfoss Thermostat Parts. Shop with confidence for the top-quality Danfoss HVAC Parts from PartsAPS.

On our website, PartsAPS, you will definitely find your most needed Danfoss Thermostatic Valve Spare Parts and Accessories or the Danfoss Accessories and Spare Parts. Get the top-quality Thermostatic Valve Parts at reasonable prices.

1) Danfoss 003N2132 AVTA 15 Thermostatic Valve:-

This Danfoss AVTA 15 003N2132 with Universal Charge thermostatic valves are generally used for controlling the temperature in many sorts of equipment and installation where cooling is required. The Danfoss 003N2132 AVTA 15 Thermostatic Valve is a mixture of the gas and the liquid in which the liquid is always inside the sensor. The charge medium always depends on the regulation range. 

The sensors in Danfoss AVTA 15 003N2132 with Universal Charge must be installed horizontally or it can also be placed with the free-end pointing downwards. The maximum pressure applied to the sensor is 25 bars. Buy Danfoss 003N2132 AVTA 15 Thermostatic Valve online at PartsAPS with low Cost.

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Product Specification-

Manufacturer: Danfoss
Product Name:  Danfoss 003N2132 AVTA 15 Thermostatic Valve
Part Number/ Item Model Number- 003N2132
Weight- 1.26kgs
Body Material- Brass
Orifice Size- 15mm
Sensor Temperature Range-  0 to 30°C
Medium Temperature Range- -25 to 130°C
Pipe Connection- ½ bsp
Charge- Universal
Capillary Tube Length- 2M


2) Danfoss 7773108 C-HEATER BELT 4C 75W 230V:-

Product Description-
The Danfoss c heater belt of part number 7773108 is a belt type crankcase heater. This Danfoss 7773108 C-Heater Belt has a power of 75W and voltage of 230V. The gross weight of this C-Heater Belt is 0.18kgs. This part is compatible with the part numbers like 7773122, 120Z0389, 120Z0039, 7773107, 7773109, and 7773110.

Product Specification-
Product Name- Danfoss c heater belt
Part Number/ Item Model Number- 7773108
Type- Crankcase Heater

Suitable with Other Models:

7773107, 7773108


C-HEATER BELT 4C 75W 230V For Danfoss Part# 7773108

3) 120Z0058 50W 400V CRANKCASE HEATER:-

Product Description-
The 120Z0058 50W 400V CRANKCASE HEATER weighs 0.23kgs. This part is used in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Product Specification-
Manufacturer- Danfoss
Product Name- Danfoss Crankcase Heater
Part Number/ Item Model Number- 120Z0058

The pressure switches close the electrical contact in the case when a fluid pressure has reached on its input. These pressure switches are specifically designed so that it can make contact with the rise in pressure or with the fall in pressure. They are used in the industries so that it can supervise and control systems that use pressurized fluids automatically. Danfoss Pressure Switch Parts along with the accessories and spare parts of pressure switches are available on our website.

Pressure Switches can be adjusted. It can be done by moving contacts or by adjusting the tension in a counterbalance spring. Get high-quality Danfoss Pressure Switch Accessories & Spare Parts on PartsAPS at reasonable prices.

Suitable With Other Models:

120Z0055, 120Z0057, 120Z5040,

120Z0058, 120Z0466, 120Z0464,

7773107, 7773108, 7773109

4) Danfoss 017-520366 RT116 Pressure Switch :-

The Danfoss 017-520366 RT116 Pressure Switch is used in marine sectors. The T116 017-520366 Danfoss Pressure Switch has a variety of ordinary controls that include neutral and differential zone pressure controls as well as the gold-plated fail-safe controls for applications where economical consequences and safety are critical factors.

The Danfoss Pressure Switch OEM 017-520366 is available with the minimum and maximum reset functions. They are also available with the TUV approvals and with the dead zone and also with all the relevant marine approvals.

Product Specification-

Manufacturer- Danfoss
Product Name- Danfoss Pressure Switch
Part Number/ Item Model Number- 017-520366
Weight- 0.888kgs
Regulating Range- 1 to 10 bar
Differential Range- 0.33 to 1.3 bar
Connection Size- 3/8 bsp

Suitable with other Models of Danfoss Pressure Switches:

 017-520366, 017-529566,  031E023566, 017-521566

017-500166,  060-206066,  060-110866,  060-310566

060-310166, 061B000166, 017-529166,061B000266

061B000466, 061B110866,060-310466, 017D001466

Danfoss Parts- HVAC Parts and Accessories

5) Danfoss 8156009 TEFLON GASKET KIT:-

The Danfoss 8156009 TEFLON GASKET KIT fits in all the 1-2-4 cylinder model compressors. This TEFLON GASKET KIT For Danfoss Part# 8156009 also fits in all VTZ models and MFZ166, LFZ166. 

Product Specification-  

Manufacturer-  Danfoss
Product Name- Danfoss Teflon Gasket Kit
Part Number/ Item Model Number- 8156009
Weight- 1 lbs

Suitable With other Models:

8156131, 8156132,  8156130

023U4380, 8156133,  013-7045

8156129,  082F-8976, 065B-0004

027F3075,  065B-0003, 068U0015

027L1261,023U1921, 8156009

6)Danfoss 037H005123 CI25 110/120V CONTACTOR:-

The Danfoss 037H005123 CI25 110/120V CONTACTOR 40A 3P is based on three frame sizes. The smallest frame size of Danfoss 037h005123 has Cl 6-15 (2.2-7.5kW).

The middle frame size of the Danfoss 037H005123 CI25 110/120V CONTACTOR 40A 3P has the Cl 16-30 range (7.5-15kW) and the largest frame size of the Danfoss 037h005123 can be represented by the Cl 32-50 (15-25kW). All three frame sizes have thee NO main contacts. Cl 6-15 can be available with the four No main contacts.

Product Specification-
Manufacturer- Danfoss
Product Name- Danfoss C125 110/120V Contactor 40A 3P
Part Number/ Item Model Number- 037H005123
Weight- 0.327kgs
Type- Cl 25
Coil Voltage 50Hz- 110V
Coil Voltage 60Hz- 110V-120V

Suitable With Other Models:

037H003123, 037H003113, 037H003213

037H004923, 037H004123,  037H004132

037H005123, 037H005532, 037H005513
CI25 110/120V CONTACTOR 40A 3P For Danfoss Part# 037H005123- Danfoss Parts

7) Danfoss 047H0206 TI-16C Thermal Overload Relay 1.2-1.9A:-

This Danfoss 047H0206 TI-16C Thermal Overload Relay 1.2-1.9A has the ability to protect the squirrel cage motors of up to 15kW against getting overloaded. The phase failure function helps in accelerating the trip function by the three phrase run if a phase drop-out takes place. It is particularly vital for the delta connected motors.

The Danfoss 047H0206 TI-16C Thermal Overload Relay 1.2-1.9A can be used with the contactors Cl6-Cl30. It has a compact design along with a stop and reset button. This part 047H0206 can provide single phase failure protection.

Product Specification-
Manufacturer- Danfoss
Product Name- Danfoss 047H0206 TI-16C Thermal Overload Relay 1.2-1.9A
Part Number/Item Model Number- 047H0206
Type- Tl 16C

Suitable with other Models:

047H0213, 047H0214, 117U3212

117U4123, 117U4127, 117U4148

117U4139, 117U6005, 047H0206

047H0212, 047H0205,047H0207

TI 16C, 1.2-1.9AMP OVERLOAD For Danfoss Part# 047H0206-Danfoss Parts: PartsAPS
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