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York Furnace Parts

If you are in dire need of any replacement part, it can be very difficult for you to search for brand names just like York Parts, that too in a great hurry. All the websites that carry the York HVAC Partsare extremely rare and are tough to find.  Well, PartsAPS aims at bringing to you the complete set of York Parts that include the York Furnace Parts, York Air Conditioner Parts (York AC Parts), York Heater Parts.

York International is the largest and independent supplier of the heating, ventilating, refrigeration and also air conditioning. It was founded in the year 1874 in York, PA. York International is located in the US and is the leading competitor in the industry internationally. PartsAPS is the leading distributor of York Replacement Parts that include York Furnace Parts, York Air ConditionerParts or York AC Parts, York HVAC Parts. York Replacement Parts also include York Pressure Switch and the York Furnace Pressure Switch.

York maintains a tough competition for the other companies. York International is a Fortune 500 company and half of its annual revenue approximately which is usually coming from outside North America. York Parts is known as the official air conditioning as well as heating sponsor of the National Hockey League. Some of their trusted and valuable products are- York Furnace Parts, York Air Conditioner Parts and York HVAC Parts.

Nowadays, online shopping has taken the industry by storm. Everyone prefers to buy products online with their busy lives and hectic schedules. With this, very few business groups can place such a premium on reliability. Moreover, very few companies innovates the process of making your home and commercial systems to work easier and safer and more energy efficient. York HVAC Partsis popular not justbecause of its name but for the amazing outcome.

Our objective is to provide you with the high-quality York Parts. We promise that you will get all your needed York Parts on our website page, PartsAPS. Spend some of your valuable time here to search and shop for the best York Replacement Parts.

York Parts include the air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, variable- air volume units, control equipment, and the aftermarket services, central-air handling equipment. Some of our York Replacement Partsinclude York Pressure Switch and York Furnace Pressure Switch.

York International is one of the leading manufacturers of the commercial and residential HVAC equipment. York Parts consists of motors, coils, compressors, blowers, valves, controls, switches, fans and other parts for the HVACR repair. We carry a wide range of York Pressure Switch. So, if you are searching for York Heater Parts, York AC Parts or York Furnace Parts and more, then spend some time browsing our catalogue of the York Parts which are available here at PartsAPS. We assure you that you will find what you need and you will definitely appreciate the reasonable prices for the York Replacement Parts.

We are the supplier of York Furnace Parts. You can depend on our high-quality, durability and the specifications that exactly match with the parts. We offer you unbeatable prices. Place your order here and we promise to deliver you your part with our fast shipping service. Get best results by using high-quality York Parts including the York Pressure Switch from PartsAPS.

York S1-029-19387-003  Refrigerant orifice Part:

Brand Name- York

Item Model Name-  York Refrigerant Orifice Part/ York S1-029-19387-003 Refrigerantorifice Part

Part Number- S1-029-19387-003

Number of Items- 1

Item Weight- 4 pounds

Shipping weight- 4 pounds



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