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Sporlan Solenoid Valve

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Today we are here to answer some questions before it’s even asked. We are discussing the solution to some fixing problem of Sporlan valves. Before we get into it lets us know few things about the manufacturer itself.

For the development and manufacture of leading-edge HVACR Components, Sporlan has set the industry standard, for over 80 years. Today’s intricate electronic valve and controller packages journey is started from the 1947 launch of the Catch-All®, the world’s first molded core filter-drier.

And PartsAPS is bringing the Sporlan Parts at discounted prices to our customers. Here today we are going to discuss the troubleshooting tips for the Sporlan Valves. To get to the root of a problem as quickly as possible to prevent perishable product loss, knowing the ins and outs of the sporlan parts is necessary. Like any other components Sporlan valves occasionally need troubleshooting, but generally, they are very reliable components in a refrigerator.

Now, let's check some of the thermostatic expansion valve problems.

Problem 1: Valve will not feed enough refrigerant

Troubleshooting tips:

1. Check the Sporlan Valve adjustment.

Until the correct superheat is reached, every 15 minutes, turn in increments of 1/2 to one full turn, adjusting stem counterclockwise

2. Check the location of the sensing bulb

Verify whether the sensing bulb is correctly installed. Make sure that the piping is aligned in a correct way so that the flow from one sensing bulb cannot affect another.

3. Check for moisture.

Install a new filter-drier, if you notice a telltale audible surge in refrigerant flow will indicate system moisture.

4. Check for contaminants

If additional contaminants are suspected between the main liquid line filter, then install a filter-drier directly ahead of the thermostatic expansion valve. As this contamination may restrict the regular function of TEV.

5. Check for a vapor-free liquid to the TEV

To sub-cool, the refrigerant to the required temperature, install a Heat Exchanger for an elimination of the flash-gas, if the pressure drop is caused by the length of the piping run or liquid lift.

Problem 2: TEV Continuously or Cyclically Floods the Evaporator Troubleshooting tips:

1. Check the TEV adjustment

Until the correct superheat is reached, every 15 minutes, turn in increments of 1/2 to one full turn, adjusting stem counterclockwise

2. Check for a vapor free liquid to the TEV.

During the adjustment procedure, verify the vapor-free refrigerant, and then install a liquid line sight glass directly ahead of the TEV, if required.

Problem 3: Verify air movement is at design conditions.

Troubleshooting Tip:

  • Check the evaporator for unequal circuit loading.

When circuits are unevenly loaded, the net result is a loss of refrigerated evaporator surface. If a poor distribution is diagnosed, then nozzle the assembly and check with the equipment manufacturer for the correct distributor.

Here is the basic guide for troubleshooting the basic problems of Sporlan Parts. Scroll below to get some specification about few of the Sporlan parts sells by PartsAPS.


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