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Nordyne Spare Parts For Your Furnace Air Conditioner

nordyne spare parts for your furnace air conditioner

Nordyne products are innovative and thoughtfully designed. Nordyne Heating and Cooling Equipment deliver high value for both residential and commercial HVAC markets.

At PartsAPS, we stock the most commonly needed Nordyne Furnace Parts including Nordyne Electric Furnace Parts, Nordyne Gas Furnace Parts and Nordyne Blower Motor for all of your requirements.

Now, we are going to discuss some of our Nordyne Parts:

  1.  Blower Assembly
  2.  Heat Strip Kit
  3.  Natural Gas Orifice
  4.  Liquid Line Tube Kit
  5.  UV PC Control Board

1) HVAC Blower:                       

Blowers are used in HVAC systems to move air through Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning units. Blower plays an integral role in air handling systems that bring fresh air into the buildings. These blowers can be mounted above the ceiling fan or to an exterior wall.

One of the most common problems of installed HVAC systems is their failure to deliver the right amount of air to where it is needed. When blowers aren't strong enough, the air won't make it to where it wants to go. So, you should be more careful while buying the blowers. The size of the blower depends on the amount of air that needs to be moved throughout a space.

a) Blower Motor:

A blower motor blows heated air through vents when the heating system is in use as well it blows cold air when the air conditioning system is used. There are two types of blower motors for HVAC systems. They are Single speed and variable speed motors. The blower motor is a vital component in maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home.

b) How to Choose a Replacement Blower Motor for your Furnace?

When you want to replace a blower motor for your furnace, you need to get an exact replacement system. By the serial number of your blower motor, you can search your required manufacturer blower motor that is compatible with your furnace.

You make sure to select the right size blower for HVAC equipment. Moreover, you must need to purchase the original manufacturer's blower and parts to keep the unit work performance at a peak level. We suggest you, Nordyne Blower Motor that is the best for your HVAC unit.

Blower Assembly For Nordyne Part:

a)Product Description:

Nordyne 902809 Blower Assembly includes a 667252 10×7 Blower Wheel, 621710 motor, 621433 run cap, housing, and plug. Nordyne 902809 for furnaces with 2 to 3.5 ton A/C units.

b)Product Specifications:

Part Name: 902809 Nordyne Blower Assembly

Part Number: 902809

Manufacturer Name: Nordyne

Part Type: Blower Assembly

2) Heat Strips Kit:

Electric heat strips work well when additional heating is needed in winter, or as a way to preserve low-temperature heat pump output. So, now we have to understand why your heat pump is using heat strips. In general, heat pumps work by harnessing warm air in the air outside your house. When warm air is drawn through the heat pump, liquid refrigerant pulls heat out of the air and transforms it into hot vapor. Then the heat is spread all over your house.

Since heat pumps work by drawing heat out of the air outside your house, it is difficult to work when there is cool air (specifically, temperatures below 40 degrees). Therefore, in addition to this heating process, most heat pumps use electric heating coil strips as an auxiliary heating source if the unit is unable to convert the outside air efficiently.

Heat Strips are wire elements in your system and are heated by electricity which in turn heat the air that flows over them.

Normally, Heat Strip Kits are the least efficient heating option but sometimes another choice for homes that have no access to a source of gas fuel.

a) Signs of a Problem with Your Heat Strips:

When your air conditioner just blows room temperature air when turning on the heat strip, it is most likely damaged and it will require repair or replacement. If you have the wrong sizing of electric strips, you won't get sufficient heat from your air handler. So, you make sure to install proper electric strips to avoid issues.

20KW Heat Strip Kit 230v 1ph For Nordyne Part:

a)Product Description:

If your system is not working properly with the damage of the heat strip kit, then buy a new one and replace it. You can prefer Nordyne 922529 that replaces obsolete kit 904416.

b)Product Specifications:

Part Name: Nordyne 922529 20KW HEAT STRIP KIT

Part Number: 922529

Manufacturer Name: Nordyne

Part Type: Heat Strip

3) Natural Gas Orifice:

Orifices were responsible for how much gas flows through the burners. Orifices are brass fittings that screw into valves (spud) or on (hood). Such orifices have different hole sizes since they decide either Propane or Natural Gas type of gas.

The gas orifice discharges fuel through a small and high precision hole into the combustion or burner tube. The orifice contains the right amount of fuel to combine with the right amount of air to create the right flame for your appliance work.

a) How to Clean a Blocked Orifice?

If your orifice is blocked, it will no longer able to work correctly. So, when servicing the furnace be sure to check the orifice, clean it if required. Here, you can check the cleaning process of the gas orifice. 

  1.  First, soak the orifice in alcohol.
  2.  Use an air hose that has a high-pressure nozzle to blow it out.
  3.  At last, you have to clean it using a toothpick or the bristles of a toothbrush.

23 NAT Gas Orifice For Nordyne Part:

23 nat gas orifice for nordyne part 660800

a)Product Description:

Nordyne 660800 has 23 Natural Gas Orifice Propane is designed with quality material.

b)Product Specifications:

Part Name: Nordyne 660800 #23 NAT GAS ORIFICE

Part Number: 660800

Manufacturer Name: Nordyne

Part Type: Orifice

4) Liquid Line Tube:

Air conditioning systems rely on refrigerant movement and change of condition (evaporation and condensation) between an outdoor condenser coil and an indoor evaporator coil. The lines between the evaporator and condenser coils that hold the refrigerant, which usually is copper through the compressor which expansion system.

Usually, the larger line is insulated and carries a cool gas. It is called the line of suction, but it is often called as the line of return or the line of vapor. The smaller line is uninsulated and it carries a warm liquid. Most commonly it is called a liquid line. The liquid line is full of condensed refrigerant.

If you want to buy a Liquid Line Tube Kit for your air conditioning unit, please go through Nordyne 921825.

Liquid Line Tube Kit For Nordyne Part:

a)Product Description:

Nordyne 921825 Liquid Line Tube Kit is manufactured for efficient working and will be able to carry the liquid without leakage.

b)Product Specifications:

Part Name: Nordyne 921825 LIQUID LINE TUBE KIT

Part Number: 921825

Manufacturer Name: Nordyne

Part Type: Liquid Line Tube Kit

5) UV PC Control Board:

Printed Circuit Board mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic or electrical components in an HVAC system. UV lasers provide extra benefits on the PC Control Boards compare to others. Most UV laser systems operate at low power levels and they are able to limit the thermal stress. So, Nordyne offers UV PC Control Board for its appliances.

UV PC Control Board For Nordyne Part:

uv pc control board for nordyne part 624627r

a)Product Description:

Nordyne 624627R UV PC Control Board is designed with the highest quality and exacting specification for trouble-free installation and operation.

b)Product Specifications:

Part Name: Nordyne 624627R UV PC Control Board

Part Number: 624627R

Manufacturer Name: Nordyne

Part Type: UV PC Control Board

Nordyne provides many popular brands that are used in residential as well as commercial applications. Nordyne Furnaces and Air Conditioners got a reputation from most of the customers for reliable performance and their safety features. These Furnaces will help you to keep your home warm during the cold times.

Trust PartsAPS to provide the parts that you need to keep your Nordyne Appliances efficiently and working safely. We supply all Nordyne Furnace Parts such as Nordyne Electric Furnace Parts, Nordyne Gas Furnace Parts, and more items.

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Nordyne Furnace Parts have been popular for many decades. So, you also prefer these parts and make your HVAC systems efficient. We hope you got an idea of Nordyne Replacement Parts. Don't waste your time and buy needed Nordyne Parts now from our PartsAPS and turn your choice the best.

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