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PTAC Units Reviews – PTAC Air Conditioner Installation & How it Works?

It's the summer time and temperatures are very high. Generally, we all are facing problems with this high temperature. Definitely, we want to be in a cool place. But we have to bear a huge investment to install the Central Air Conditioner. And it requires ductwork which leads to higher installation costs. Moreover, at the time of winter, we are searching for hot places for relaxation. Don't worry. For all these purposes, you can install the PTAC Air Conditioner. Go below to get PTAC Units Reviews.

What is PTAC Air Conditioner?

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner usually abbreviated as PTAC. Terminal Air Conditioner is a self-contained heating and cooling system. PTACs are mainly used in hospitals, apartment buildings, hotels, senior houses. If you are interested to purchase a PTAC Air Conditioner, then you should know some information before purchasing it which helps you whether it is suitable for you or not. Here, in the rest of the content, one can find how does PTAC working, what is the installation process, mostly best things to choose the right Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC). It is a good thing to have a basic knowledge to buy a PTAC unit.

How Does a PTAC Work?

For cooling operation, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning system works by using the electricity to pump the refrigerant through the AC and removes the heat and humidity out the environment. When you will require a heating operation, the process in reverse. During heat operation, refrigerant supports to heat the coils. Now, the heat warms up the air which is blown inside of the room. Remember one point that is for heating Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners either use electric heat or heat pump. PTAC Air Conditioning Units have the parts such as Blower, Evaporator, Condenser, Compressor, Fan, Thermostat and Filter. PTACs are generally installed near the wall or in a window.

How to Install PTAC Units?

Are you purchased a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning and confused about PTAC Air Conditioner installation process? Then the provided info will solve your query related to how do you install PTAC on your hotel or office. We heard the same question for PTAC Air Conditioner Installation from many people. So, we thought to give the solution to help you guys. Hence, once refer the following section to get the installation procedure.

The PTAC installation is surely straightforward without ductwork. First, you need to have a proper sized hole cut in the wall with the exact dimensions. Generally, Grille and sleeve are sold from the manufacturers. While setup the PTAC, the side of the system where the air passes should face inside of the room. Another side where the ventilation comes and drained air released is faced outside of the room. External sleeve and grille support for the Air Conditioner system. If the hole, sleeve, and grille already exist, then just slide the PTAC unit into the wall.

Some of the main points for PTAC Units installation are described here. You have to fix the sleeve in the correct level from left to right to drain the condensate water correctly. Moreover, the sleeve needs to be angle with slightly downward from the indoor to the outdoor. For proper airflow direction, the grille has to be installed at outside. By the way it the protect PTAC Unit outdoor coil. One should place the grill before installation of the chassis.

One important thing is that the wall sleeve, grille, and drain kit is installed before Chassis installation. Inserting the PTAC Air Conditioner UnitChassis into the sleeve until the flanges on this chassis meet the wall sleeve front edge. When the PTAC Air Conditioner installation is over must check both sides (inside and outside) grilles.

Make sure that the PTAC Air Conditioning Unit must be completely level. If there it is slightly angled, then there is a chance to damage the wall due to excess water leaked by Terminal Air Conditioner.

You can do all this process yourself. If you have any doubts, you can take the help of professionals. There may be no chances of damaging your permanent room air conditioner. Otherwise, you can contact our PartsAPS team to install Packaged Air Conditioner properly. We may also help you if your property has any problem and for replacement of parts. Stay in contact with us to get information on PTAC Units for Sale discounts.

Generally 42-inch x 16-inch size PTAC heating and cooling unit will fit into almost any type of wall sleeves. So, purchase efficient  PTAC Air Conditioning system from PartsAPS.   Here, you will get all type of products also.

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