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what is commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is a free-standing refrigerator or any other equipment that is used as cold storage for any type of commercial business such as commercial kitchens, butcher shops, dining facilities, butcher shops, bars, grocery stores, warehouses, gas stations, or others that requires keeping your stocks cold. If you are unaware to buy the perfect system for your establishment, no worries. We have provided a quick guide on the related aspects of commercial refrigeration.

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Commercial Refrigeration

What is refrigeration?

Refrigeration is a necessary and fundamental component in the restaurant. But, you may get confused about what type is ideal for your business. Mainly there are three types of commercial refrigerators. They are reach-in, under-counter, and full-size walk-in. Each type has its own benefits and helps streamline the food preparation process.

Reach-in refrigerators are the standard units that you can find in a residence but more capability and functionality are offered by commercial ones that allow you to set the right temperature for your requirements.

Under counter units offer a quick way to access the food you need while saving time. Sometimes, these units are put under food preparation counters and a flawless way to hold the final touches for preparation work like sauces or condiments, readily available. 

Some space for food storage is provided by walk-in units. With this type of unit, you can buy in bulk without spoilage. It also gives you discounts from food wholesalers.

If you have determined which refrigerators give your business great benefits, then you have to consider what sizes you require. Refrigerators with large size may waste of your money, while small units are not met your requirements. So, there are many different sizes to choose from. If you can't find the perfect one to meet your needs, you can go through the personal models and sizes.

You should remember one thing, the unit will fit through the door and where the condenser is placed for reach-in refrigerators. If your refrigerator is not suitable, it may not work in your restaurant kitchen. Moreover, the location of the condenser has to be either top mount or bottom mount. Play a role in convenience, cleaning, and accessibility.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Maintaining your commercial refrigeration is not a difficult task. To ensure that you should not lose food to spoilage, you have to check the temperature as well as defrost settings every week. To reduce the electric bills, always check the lights are switched off when you leave the office or room. Keeping the lights on increases energy consumption and allows the temperature to rise.

You can follow another two or three steps to improve the integrity of your refrigeration. These include cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils if you would on an air conditioning unit. After completion of this cleaning process, check for leaks on the air conditioning unit and oil the fan. If you don't know how to do these steps, you can call a commercial refrigeration service person.

In addition, schedule one or two check-ups in a year to ensure your unit operates well and lasts as long as possible. This is a low cost compares to replacing the whole refrigerator.

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Difference between Residential and Commercial Refrigeration

Both these refrigeration units have one common thing that they keep things cold. Residential refrigerators are specially designed to store your food at temperatures between 34°F and 40°F. Residential units are not designed with industrial-grade products so that they are more affordable than your commercial cousins.

Commercial refrigerators are harder because they are designed with industrial components. These will maintain the temperatures between -10°F and 0°F. Food can be kept fresher and stored longer with the ability to sustain lower temperatures, which is immensely helpful for any company that wants to keep food cold.

Working Principle

All refrigeration units work based on the principle of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This principle states that when two objects of different temperatures are brought close together, heat will transformer from the warmer object to the colder one. By using this Thermodynamics principle, commercial refrigeration units use a refrigerant solution to transfer heat from the food inside the storage area of the refrigeration unit to the refrigerant.

Refrigerant solutions follow a second physical theory which states that as they are compressed, gases cool as they expand and heat up. The refrigerant is sent through a series of pressure adjustments when cycling through the refrigeration device to increase the efficiency and speed at which it extracts heat from the refrigerated space to maintain it cool.

When your refrigerator systems not working properly, you have to go through commercial refrigeration repair or replacement. If you need replacement, you can buy replacement parts for industrial refrigeration systems from PartsAPS.

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If you are looking to freeze large quantities of temperature-sensitive things, then a commercial refrigerant unit is the solution for you. These freezers offer you fantastic performance, flexibility, and efficient results. Also, reduce operating costs.

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