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How To Change Lennox Furnace Filter?

Furnace filters, also known as air filters, help block dirt, pollen, or other particles from collecting in your HVAC system's inner additives. They're also charged with preserving larger particles from your AC unit and saving it from feasible damage. Many people who use air conditioners are unaware of how to change Lennox Furnace filter; our blog can assist by explaining each and every point, which will make it easy for you to change the filter.

Why Should I Change Lennox Furnace Filter?

The clean filter filters contaminants more effectively. As time goes on, contaminants clog up the floor of the clearout, so it will not offer the predicted levels of filtration. When the filter’s surface appears brownish, greyish, and fuzzy, it is time to update it.

A clean filter prevents contaminants from entering your HVAC system. Contaminants can have an effect on the delicate components inside the equipment, leading to malfunction, increased pressure on the gadget, and increased power consumption. A smooth Lennox furnace filter is an extraordinary protector of your HVAC system. A clearout's job is to remove contaminants from your indoor air while also assisting your heating and cooling system in operating efficiently. If your Lennox furnace filter is dirty, it will not protect your HVAC system and will not provide enough airflow for proper and energy-efficient performance. 

The primary purpose of the air filter is to clear out dirt and particles from your air conditioner and furnace. and you may be amazed at how much debris can build up in only a few days. Changing the filter regularly helps keep your home's air clean and decreases the impurities flowing through your air conditioner from the outdoors. However, how do you change the filter?

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How To Change Lennox Furnace Filter?

First, discover the filter area on your air conditioner. The filter is commonly found on the lowest part or aspect of the unit, but it could be housed in the unit, depending on the version. If this is the case, you'll want to take off the front access panel to gain entry. In a few instances, you will also need to use a screwdriver to get rid of any fasteners, preserving the area.

After finding the filter, use a small prying device consisting of a pry bar or a 1-inch putty knife to slide the filter out of its housing. When you can clutch it with your hand, take it completely out of its role. Remember the fact that you could want to nudge the filter left and right if it is nestled tightly in its position. Additionally, pay attention to the path of the filter as you remove it.

The dimensions of the air filter may be located on the side of the filter. The dimensions are given as width, length, and height side of the filter. The dimensions are given as width, length, and height. Check that the new filter has the same dimensions as the old one. Otherwise, it won't match the housing location.

Subsequently, discover the directional airflow arrows on the new filter. These arrows influence the airflow path of the air conditioner to reveal the proper direction that filters must face. Make certain that the open location of the filter faces the vent when inserting it. and after you slide the filter out into function, you're ready. Next, replace the front panel of the air conditioner in case you've eliminated it.

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The advantage right now is cleaner air. The number one feature of standard air filters, usually manufactured from spun fiberglass, is to prevent dust and debris from getting into your HVAC unit. It does little to improve your indoor air quality. If removing airborne contaminants is a priority, upgrading to a high-efficiency air purifier makes sense, especially when you have respiratory problems. You’ll have less dirt, and your air will smell cleaner due to the fact that these filters can even help take away odors.


The superior filtering potential can compromise the performance of your HVAC machine. Your critical air unit will need to work harder to push air via the tighter display. As a result, power bills are rising and comfort is dwindling. 

Final Words

This is how you change the Lennox furnace filter. There are numerous online manuals, but we like to work practically, so we wrote this blog and present it to you. We are hoping this blog enables you to exchange the Lennox furnace filter.

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