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How To Clean Lennox Evaporator Coils?


Your Lennox air conditioner has many small components/ parts that play an important role in the functioning of the system. The evaporator coils work with condenser coils to cool down the room temperature. Also, remove heat humidity from the air inside of your house. The condenser coil removes heat from the refrigerant. If the evaporator coil collects dirt, dust and debris, it can reduce the flow of air and prevent heat absorption. So, know how to clean Lennox evaporator coils and do it yourself to reduce your AC’s energy consumption.

How to Clean Lennox Evaporator Coils?

When problems occur with dirty evaporator coils, your unit's efficiency can drop, gives less performance and damage may develop. Here are the steps for how to clean Lennox evaporator coils.

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Evaporator coils are contained inside the indoor air handling unit, while condenser coils can be found in the outdoor unit.

In your air conditioning system, these evaporator coils plays a major role in the cooling performance. They will produce enough cooling that keeps your room comfortable. Moreover, evaporator coils are involved in the process of dehumidification. When Lennox evaporator coils get dirty, you can find the problems including:

  • Less cooling capacity.
  • Reduced heat transfer.
  • Increased energy consumption.
  • Operating pressures and temperatures increased.
  • Increased wear on the system which can lead to system malfunctions.
  • Buildup of ice on evaporator/ condenser coils.

How to Clean Lennox AC Evaporator Coils?

You should check and clean the coils as needed. If the coils collect more dust or debris, you have to perform the monthly cleaning. Otherwise, you can clean them every three months during the season or clean them annually during regular scheduled preventive maintenance.

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Getting Access

Your indoor air handling unit contains an access panel so you can remove it to get the evaporator coil. If you are not able to find it, once refer to the owner's manual and locate the access panel as well as the evaporator coil.

  • Turn off the air conditioner at the thermostat.
  • Remove or loosen the screws to loosen the access panel.
  • Keep the access panel and screws aside, they won't get lost.

Clean Evaporator Coils Using Compressed Air

By blowing the compressed air on the light accumulations of dirt and other material, you can loosen or remove them from the evaporator coils.

  • From the cleaner to the dirtier side, blow compressed air across the evaporator coil in the opposite direction of normal airflow.
  • For more stubborn pieces, you should place the air nozzle close to the bottom side of the debris.
  • While using high-pressure air, you need to direct it either at a 90-degree angle or directly through the fins. If you do this, there will be a chance to prevent damage to the fins.
  • Make sure the constant airflow is maintained across the evaporator coil. Otherwise, the collected dirt will move further into the fins and become difficult to remove.
  • Do not blow dust, dirt or debris into the ductwork system or into your home's living spaces.

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Lennox Evaporator Coils Cleaning with a Brush

For minor accumulations of dirt on the evaporator coils, cleaning with a brush is an effective way. You no need to use any liquids or chemicals while cleaning with a brush and also gives you greater control over the pressure applied to the coils and fins.

  • Apply the brush to the coils and sweep dirt accumulations away.
  • Next, scrub with the brush to break loose and harder to remove materials.
  • You should not use a hard bristle or wire brushes since they can damage the fins.

Clean Lennox Evaporator Coils Using Cleaners

Many brands of cleaners are available in the market to clean your AC evaporator coils. Most of them are foaming type that breaks down and drains away into the AC's drainage system. It's better to consult an HVAC technician to know the suitable cleaner for your system.

  • Read and follow the instructions given on the product package.
  • Spray the commercial cleaner on the coil as directed.
  • Allow the foaming action to occur and wait until the foam as well as debris drain away.
  • You need to reapply the cleaner until evaporator coils are clean and free of dirt/ dust buildup.

Clean Evaporator Coils Using Mild Detergents and Water

You can use a mixture of mild detergent and water instead of using commercial cleaners.

  • Take a spray bottle/ hand sprayer/ garden sprayer and mix warm water and a mild detergent in it.
  • Apply the mixed solution to the evaporator coils.
  • Leave the mixture a few minutes to soak in and loosen debris. You have to reapply the solution as needed.
  • Next, wipe away the loose material with a brush or soft cloth.

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Heavy-Duty Cleaning

If the dirt, dust and debris accumulated heavily on the coils, it may require heavy-duty cleaning or strong chemicals. This process includes removing the evaporator coil, cutting & reattachment of refrigerant lines, restoring the vacuum in the refrigerant lines and refilling the system with the refrigerant.


Hope you learned how to clean Lennox evaporator coils from this article. Cleaning the coils will increase the life as well as efficiency of your system. If you have unsure silks for cleaning evaporator coils, consult an HVAC professional.

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