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carrier infinity air purifier installation

Have you bought a Carrier Infinity air purifier for your home comfort system? Check out this blog to know how to install it. The infinity air purifier is designed to remove and kill bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other airborne germs. This air purifier provides high filtration performance while removing and killing captured contaminants. However, take the help of this guide to complete your Carrier infinity air purifier installation.

Carrier Infinity Air Purifier Installation

Before starting the Carrier Infinity air purifier installation process, have a look at it's working process.

The infinity air purifier treats the whole air stream through the state of art and three-stage process.

  • At stage one, the particles are electrically charged by a precision point ionization array as they enter the air purifier.
  • In the second stage, the charged particles are electrically attracted to the air purification cartridge which is located within the electric field.
  • In stage three, captured particles are killed by an electrical current flow and ion bombardment.

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Application Considerations

The Carrier Infinity air purifier is built for use in the return air duct of a forced-air heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) system.

Air conditioning units - If you install this air purifier in AC, then all the return air will be circulated. Infinity air purifier needs to be located upstream of both the furnace and air conditioning evaporator coil.

Humidifiers - An evaporative humidifier can mount upstream of the infinity air purifier. It's the best way to install atomizing humidifiers downstream of the air purifier because hard water salt deposits and water droplets may damage the air purifier.

If an atomizing humidifier needs to be mounted upstream of the infinity air purifier, it should be mounted as far upstream as possible. Moreover, standard disposable furnace filters should mount between the air purifier and the humidifier to trap hard water salt deposits as well as water droplets.

Make sure that the humidifier installation won't allow water or water droplets to enter the air purifier as it may cause damages.

Transitions - If the return air duct or furnace openings are not fit the infinity air purifier cabinet openings, Carrier recommends gradual transitions to reduce air turbulence and increase efficiency. Make sure not to use more than 45 degrees of expansion on each side of the transition fitting.

Turning Vanes -You should add turning vanes inside the duct if the air purifier is installed adjacent to a 90-degree duct elbow. This will improve air distribution across the face of the air purifier.

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How to Install Carrier Infinity Air Purifier?

Improper installation may cause personal injury or property damage. So, you must refer to the individual instructions given in the package kit when installing.

Identify Mounting Location

First, you should remove all components from the box carefully. You need to identify the mounting location for the infinity air purifier in the return air duct.

The identified location should be accessible. Moreover, you need to provide enough room for the periodic replacement of air purifier cartridges.

Mount Infinity Air Purifier Cabinet

  • Turn off power to your heating or cooling system.
  • Now, you have to take out the existing furnace filter and discard it. There may get excessive system static if the infinity air purifier is used with other filtration devices.
  • Remove the air purifier cartridge and enhancement module from the air purifier cabinet.
  • After that, you have to place the cabinet between the furnace and return the air duct. You may require a transition duct.
  • Use furnace adapters for top/ bottom mount installations.
  • You should use the return air duct adapters to connect the upstream side of the infinity air purifier cabinet to the return air duct.
  • Install foam tape in between the air purifier cabinet and the furnace.
  • Use the mounting holes for ductwork and furnace attachment.
  • Seal seams with tape or caulking after the air purifier cabinet has been secured. Secure furnace to transition with sheet metal screws.

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  • Make sure that power has been removed from the heating and cooling unit. Turn off the Carrier Infinity air purifier.
  • Now, you need to connect the power cord and airflow sensor bypass plug to the appropriate power supply connectors.
  • While connecting the power cord, attach the green ground wire to the ground terminal on the cabinet.
  • Route the power cord through the nearest cabinet hole and protect it with the enclosed cable connector.
  • Enclose the zip ties to secure the power cord to the side of the power supply.
  • Next, attach the quick connect terminals to the furnace spade connections. You have to connect the ground ring to the furnace chassis ground.
  • The air purifier needs to be powered by 115v/60 Hz.
  • If you don't have EAC connections, contact your local HVAC technician.

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After completion of Carrier infinity air purifier installation, you need to check it's operation. The infinity air purifier must only be powered when airflow is present. Still, if you have any queries related to your air purifier installation, you can contact a local HVAC technician. Although, your owner's manual will assist you with how to install a Carrier infinity air purifier.

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