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ASCO Red Hat Solenoid Valve - How to Select, Installation & Maintenance

aSCO red hat solenoid valve | aSCO Red hat II solenoid

ASCO Red Hat Solenoid Valves are used for the control of fluids. These valves are available in various models, each designed to meet specific requirements. Are you new to use ASCO Red Hat Solenoid Valve? We are here to help you by providing useful information regarding ASCO Red Hat Valve. If you need to know how to select ASCO Red Hat and Red Hat II Solenoid Valves, installation and troubleshooting, read this entire post, it may help you.

ASCO Red Hat Solenoid Valve - Brief Details

Usually, ASCO Red Hat valves are divided into four construction groups. Continue reading to get the best valve that is suited for your control application.

ASCO Red Hat Solenoid Valve Types

  • Two way Valves
  • Three way Valves
  • Four way Valves
  • Manual Reset Valves

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red hat and red II valves

Two Way Valves

Two-way valves have one inlet and outlet pipe connection. These will help you for normally open and closed operations. Normally opened valves are open when the coil is de-energized and close when the coil is energized. Normally closed valves are closed when the valve is de-energized and open when the proper voltage is applied to the coil.

Three Way Valves

Three way valves are designed with three pipe connections and two orifices which are alternatively opened or closed. These ASCO valves are available for normally closed, open or with universal construction that is used as normally closed or normally open. Three way ASCO Red Hat Solenoid valves are mainly used as pilots for larger control valves to actuate single-acting cylinders or to divert the flow of fluids.

Four Way Valves

These valves have four pipe connections. One for exhaust, one for pressure and two for operating double-acting cylinders. Four way valves are used to pilot larger control valves.

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types of red hat valves

Manual Reset Valves

Manual reset valves will be closed or opened manually and then revert to their original position when they are energized or de-energized. These are used for preventing the inadvertent startup of critical systems.

After determining the basic ASCO solenoid valve type, while selecting, you should consider pipe size including flow rate, orifice size, pressure rating, ambient & fluid temperatures, medium to be controlled, type of solenoid enclosure, voltage, cycling rate and required life rating. Each factor's importance needed to be determined by the application itself.

ASCO Red Hat Valve Installation and Maintenance

To increase the valve life, you should install and maintain it properly. However, you need to read and follow the instructions given on the red hat and red hat II valve for each model.


You must check the nameplate data for voltage, pressure, etc. to ensure compatibility with your system conditions. Moreover, you have to know that the solenoid enclosure type with your operating conditions.

Some red hat valves will operate in any mounting position, while others have to be mounted in a certain way to operate correctly. However, it's better to install these valves with the solenoid in a vertical upright position. If you install the valve in a vertical upright position, there will be less chance of foreign matter accumulation in the core tube area. You need to install the filter or strainer as close as possible to the red hat valve inlet.

The wiring should have complied with the local codes and the Canadian Electrical Code. Make sure you don't pull out from the coil. If you are not using a flexible conduit for transition into the valve, the supply conduit should support properly to reduce stress on the solenoid assembly.

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choose the right valve


You must clean filters and strainers on regular basis along with cleaning and inspection of the valve to prevent malfunctions.

If you want to disassemble the valve, you need to follow the disassembly instructions which are given with the valve. Foreign matter in the red hat valve like corrosion from pipes & process vessels, mineral deposits, pipe joint sealant and other solids is the major cause of solenoid valve failure.

You must use two wrenches for installing or removing the ASCO solenoid valve.

With a lint-free cloth, wipe off dirt on the ASCO red hat valve body.

The core of the solenoid should be moved freely in the core tube. Also, it should be free from binding and excessive wear deposits signs.

You have to check the disc at the end of the movable core for excessive impact. To protect the pipes and equipment from water hammer condition, install the water hammer cushion close to the valve inlet.

installation and maintenance

Final Words

Hope you got an idea about ASCO Red Hat Solenoid Valve and your job might be done easier to select the appropriate ASCO Red Hat Valve and installing. For further more information on the ASCO Red Hat II Solenoid Valve, you can refer to the valve manual. Moreover, PartsAPS offers ASCO solenoid valves so you can buy here if you need them. 

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