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Top 4 Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Switches

Hubbell Incorporated is an international manufacturer of electrical & electronic products and lighting power systems for a wide variety of residential, non-residential, industrial and utility applications.

Hubbell Replacement Parts will help to bring your equipment working as new. So, let's see about some of the Hubbell Replacement Parts.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting:


60 air pressure switch for hubbell industrial controls part 69hau3b

a)Product Description:

Hubbell Industrial Controls 69HAU3B Pressure Switch is designed for Using in air systems. Hubbell Pressure Switch 69HAU3B comes with a pre-set pressure of 30 PSI or 40 PSI.

This pressure switch has a heavy-duty metal housing and larger diaphragm for giving accurate pressure reading at the lower PSI settings. Also, has an unloaded valve on the side to decrease the pressure when the switch is shut off.

b)Product Specifications:

Part Name: Hubbell Pressure Switch 69HAU3B

Part Number: 69HAU3B

Manufacturer Name: Hubbell Industrial Controls

Part Type: Pressure Switch

c)Drum Switch:

Drum Switches are designed to start, stop, and change the speed and rotating direction of reversible electric motors. By moving the drum switch from the off position to the reverse or forward position.

The switch contacts are open and close manually.

If you are worried about how to wire a Drum Switch to the motor, then simply look at the connected diagram which is provided in the manual.


reverse drum switch for hubbell industrial controls part wr44

a)Product Specifications:

Part Name: Reverse Drum Switch Hubbell WR44

Part Number: WR44

Manufacturer Name: Hubbell Industrial Controls

Part Type: Drum Switch

b)Alternating Relay:

Alternating Relays act as relays interposing between your controller and devices in the field. The alternating function allows you to select the primary or secondary or switch between the two.

These relays can be used in pumps.

By locking the relay to one load, the second load can be removed for the working without wiring the first wire in continuous operation. These Alternating relays are used mainly in the compressor, air-conditioning, and refrigeration applications.


120v alt relay for comp pump for hubbell industrial controls part 47ab10af

a)Product Description:

Hubbell 47AB10AF Alt Relay is specifically designed for use in pump and compressor applications. It simply installed and wired in control panels, pump panels or as a separately enclosed unit for surface mounting.

Hubbell Industrial Controls 47AB10AF has single pole double throw heavy-duty contacts enclosed in a transparent dust cover.

b)Product Specifications:

Part Name: Hubbell Industrial Controls 47AB10AF

Part Number: 47AB10AF

Manufacturer Name: Hubbell Industrial Controls

Part Type: Alternating Relay


parts kit for 69h switch for hubbell industrial controls part 75hb369

Part Name: 69H SWITCH For Hubbell Industrial Controls Part# 75HB369

Part Number: 75HB369

Manufacturer Name: Hubbell Industrial Controls

Part Type: 69H Switch

Hubbell Industrial Controls offers a full range of products including Power limit switches, Speed switches, AC or DC industrial brakes, Power resistors, Disconnect switches, Master switches, Solid-state magnet controllers.

AC or DC radio remote control systems, AC VFD travel/hoist controllers, AC input solid state magnet controllers, DC solid state travel/hoist controllers, DC or AC contactor travel/hoist controllers and DC contactor magnet controllers.

Hubbell serves customer needs in a variety of market applications. Its service includes controlled environments of a data center to the demanding continuity of the power grid.

The major markets and building types of Hubbell are Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Communications, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Power & Utility, Institutional, Water and Gas.

Hubbell continues the manufacturing facilities in the United States and around the world. For more than a century, Hubbell has gained more customers by supplying high-quality products.

Hubbell Products are designed for energy efficiency, safety and long-lasting.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) systems help to keep your commercial, residential and industrial facilities properly cooled, heated and ventilated to manage a comfortable environment.

Some essential elements like Pressure Switches, Controls, and Thermostats are necessary for streamline the operation of these HVAC systems. To improve the efficiency of residential and commercial HVACR equipment, Hubbell Products will help you.

Moreover, you have to replace the spare parts when they got damaged.

1. Hubbell Drum Switch.

2. Hubbell Pressure Control.

3. Hubbell Alternating Relay.

a)Pressure Switch:

A Pressure Switch is an electrical device used to measure the pressure in any given environment. It indicates when the pressure reached its set point or lost pressure as per the limit set by the user.

However, it will help to detect the level of fluid pressure. If your system pressure switch has to change, here, you can know how to replace a pressure switch simply. 

b)How Do You Replace a Pressure Switch?

  1. Initially, switch off the power.
  2. Remove the pressure switch housing with a screwdriver or cordless grill.
  3. Take a picture of the existing wiring configuration.
  4. Release the pressure from the tank by draining water. It should be read as 0 PSI.
  5. Disconnect the wires with the screwdriver.
  6. Turn the pressure switch out the counter-clockwise direction with correct size wrench.
  7. Clean the water pipe's threads and thread it in the same direction that the pressure switch will thread on.
  8. Install a new pressure gauge.
  9. Next, reconnect the wires as previously.
  10. Finally, replace the new pressure switch housing.


We hope the information provided above will help you. Stay in touch with us for more details on Hubbell Products. If you are looking to buy Hubbell Replacement Parts, you can get them from our PartsAPS online store. Here, you can purchase all your needed OEM HVAC Parts.

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