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Generally, most of the people getting irritation by searching on the internet continuously for Siemens Building Technologies Parts because they are expecting high-quality products. If you are also one of them, PartsAPS is for you. Here, you can purchase standard Siemens Building Technologies Parts and Siemens Industrial Controls Parts. Once look at this context before ordering the parts which are related to Siemens Building Management System.

Siemens Building Technologies is one of the divisions of Siemens. It is the global leader in the market for safe and secure, environment-friendly and energy efficient buildings and infrastructures. Siemens building technology is a trusted consultant, technology partner, service provider, the product vendor and system integrator. This manufacturer provides you quality fire safety and security products. Also, offers heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Siemens HVAC Controller). Now, the division of Siemens Building Technologies consists of the Division Function Solution & Service Portfolio (SSP) and Business Unit Control Products & Systems (CPS).

Siemens is a global powerhouse, focus in the automation, electrification and digitalization field. It is named as one of the best among all largest producers of resource saving technologies, energy efficient systems, Moreover, Siemens has the fame as a leading supplier of systems for power generation & transmission and medical diagnosis. It also plays a pioneer role in industry and infrastructure solutions.

Siemens Industrial Controls provides everything you need for protecting, switching and starting loads. It offers the products and spare parts for control, detection, monitoring, signaling and commanding purposes. Siemens lower lifecycle cost gives high productivity. Also, their products ensure to reduce the redundancy and best process control. Moreover, they have assured service across the world. The digital division and control products of Siemens deliver the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) supporting components.

If you want to purchase the Siemens Industrial Controls products, try at PartsAPS. We make sure that Siemens Pressure Transmitter shipping will be done as fast as possible. PartsAPS also have young and talented customer care supporters.

Siemens Combustion Controls (SCC) is the leading provider of innovative products and solutions for the combustion controls market. SCC manufactures all kind of specialized equipment which ensures the efficiency, security and safety of industrial or commercial burners and boilers. Siemens Combustion Controls designs quality components including Siemens HVAC Controller, gas butterfly valves, gas/oil shut-off valves, pressure/temperature controllers & sensors, Siemens pressure transmitter, air actuators with couplings & brackets, flame detectors, pressure switches, touch screen kits, VFD feedback sensors and many more.

PartsAPS is the authorized manufacturer's distributor for Siemens Combustion Controls. Here, one can buy innovative products as well as replacement parts. Our professional team will help you troubleshoot all problems related to Siemens Parts. You can get the Siemens products easily through our website of PartsAPS. Just search with your required part number at and make an order.

1) 1 N/O & 1 N/C AUX CONTACT KIT for Siemens Industrial Controls Part# 49AB11:

Siemens 1 N/O & 1 N/C Auxiliary Contact Kit and 2 N/O & 2 N/C contacts are available at PartsAPS. Siemens supplies optional kits with gold plated contacts. They can work on low current PLC circuits. If you are looking for 1 N/O & 1 N/C AUX CONTACT KIT for Siemens Industrial Controls Part 49AB11, then PartsAPS is the right place. Now, start your searching with the needed part number on our website.

Product Technical Specifications:

Name of the Part: Siemens 1 N/O & 1 N/C Auxiliary Contact Kit

Parts Number: 49AB11

Manufacturer: Siemens Industrial Controls

Item Type: Auxiliary Contact

2) 3 8-13# PIVOT ACTUATOR for Siemens Building Technology Part# 331-4812:

Siemens 331-4812 Pivot Actuator is a metal fabricated, rugged part that provides positive actuation of HVAC dampers. It has a nominal spring range of 8-13 psi. At PartsAPS, you can get 3 8-13# Pivot Actuator for Siemens Building Technology Part. We will give the commitment for an item should ship on the same business day and every time supply genuine parts.

Product Technical Specifications:

Name of the Part: Siemens 331-4812 Pivot Actuator

Parts Number: 331-4812

Manufacturer: Siemens Building Technology

Item Type: Pivot Actuator

3) 1.25"VentConnectionPlate for Siemens Combustion Part# AGA40.6580U:

Order Siemens AGA40.6580U Vent Connection Plate from PartsAPS. Quick and convenient delivery at your doorstep. Dedicated customer care support is also available.

Product Technical Specifications:

Name of the Part: Siemens AGA40.6580U Vent Connection Plate

Parts Number: AGA40.6580U

Manufacturer: Siemens Combustion Controls

Item Type: Vent Connection Plate

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