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how to fix noisy air conditioner

Due to many causes depending on the type of your air conditioner there may be a chance of getting noise. A noisy air conditioner should not be ignored because almost it is a sign something that has gone wrong in your unit. The problem of noisy air conditioners can be solved in many possible ways. So, first, you have to find out the location where the sound is coming. Read on to this blog to get the best solution based upon the cause of the problem. 

How to Fix Noisy Air Conditioner Issues?

Based on the type of noise, you can find the nature of the problem. If you ignore this problem, then it allows the problem to lead to a situation that it cannot be fixed or where it will be very costly to fix. However, in some cases, the air conditioning unit needs only a small amount of work to restart the function. 

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Noisy Fans - Fixes

For the proper working of a fan, you have to keep clean and to be properly maintained. So, first, you should locate a source of the noise. If your unit makes noise due to fans, then you need to clean the fan or fix the problem with the right troubleshooting.

Firstly, open the air conditioner cabinet and go to the fan hub. Remove any debris or dust which is on or around the fan blades. There may be a fall of insulation or any other items into the air conditioner and cause noise while the movement of blades.

If the problem is not with debris, then you have to check whether the blade itself is loose or not. When it is loose, you can tighten the screw with a screwdriver or wrench.

Make sure that the blades of the fan are straight. A slight bend also touching the inside of the unit that will produce noise. So, you have to keep them back into originally, but you should handle them gently.

Fan Motor

Window ACs generally use a double shaft fan motor with two separate blades attached. In those two, one blade is used for drawing air over the cold evaporator coil and circulate into the room. Another one is used to dissipate the heat from the condenser coil.

When your unit is on, the fan motor runs continually. After some time, the motor bearings/ bushes may damage and cause unusual squeaking, screeching, or roaring noises. If the filter is not cleaned regularly, the fan blades can build up dirt and slowly become unbalanced that will cause to damage the motor. For non-serviceable motors, you have to be replaced when they become noisy.

Fixes for Noisy Fan Bearing and Blower Wheel

Some air conditioners use a squirrel cage style of the blower wheel. Are you having this type of fan and it making noise? It may be a cause of defective blower wheel or fan bearing. This blower has a drive motor that is attached to one end and other fitted into a stationary bearing. So, you need to remove the cover to access the fan assembly. After removing the blower wheel from the bearing, start the replacement process.


A motor that requires lubrication may cause humming or grinding noise. If you get a unit that has unsealed motor, then you can apply lubrication in the form of SAE 10 oil-packed in the oil ports. By oiling the AC motor at the starting of each summer, you can prevent the occurrence of noise.

Spring Clamp

Usually, the fan blades are attached to a double shaft fan motor and are often connected to the shaft with a spring type of lamp. When this clamp is damaged or weak, it can't hold the fan blade hub securely to the shaft. Also, create an unusual noise when it vibrates so that check the clamps for a tight fit. You should replace it if need.

Loose Screws

When your air conditioning unit working, it vibrates. Due to this vibration, screws of the unit to come loose. With the result of screws in panels throughout the AC, many of the problems that make noise will occur. Sometimes, mounting screws are also loosened when the air conditioner operates. Both situations will make a rattling noise. Hence, you may fix these with a little tightening of screws with a screwdriver.

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Coil Fins

Clogged coil fins are also produced one type of noise. If this is so; you need to clean with a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any debris. Check to bent coil fins that will emit a humming noise. So, you can straighten these with the help of a tool made for this purpose, i.e., fin comb. While using fin comb, first insert its teeth between the coil fins and slide to straighten the bent fins.

The above provided simple steps will help you while saving time as well as money. Moreover, these are relatively simple to implement yourself. So, try yourself and get your unit back into proper working condition. However, still, the noise persists, you can call HVAC contractor repair person.

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You might be able to fix some of your noisy air conditioner issues on your own. So, try well as your level best. However, you will need to call an AC repair expert at some point in time. If you want to get many troubleshooting tips for HVAC equipment, you can bookmark our website.

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