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Honeywell is the best brand for making high-quality air purifiers for a long time. All purifiers are AHAM verified, Energy Star certified and CARB compliant for customer trust. The company manufactures a wide range of air purifiers based on room coverage, filter types and control features. In this blog, we have given the complete Honeywell air purifier reviews on some best models so check them once before planning to buy a new unit.

Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews

Below are the best Honeywell air purifiers reviews that help you to choose the right one for your needs.

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Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier

Honeywell HPA300 is the one of top most selling products in the True HEPA series. It has built with three True HEPA filters and a Tobacco smoke CADR of 300 cfm. This air purifier is mostly suitable for removing a lot of allergens and smoke particles more quicker.

HPA300 purifier's CADR is suitable for up to 450 sq. ft where you will get 5 air changes in an hour. Because of having HEPA filters, the unit can capture 99.97% of particles even 0.3 microns in size including mold spores, pollen, dust, airborne germs and smoke particles.

This Honeywell purifier comes with a flimsy carbon pre-filter so it's not suitable to absorb chemicals and odors from the air in the room.

The unit comes with four fan speed settings, Germ, Allergen, General Cleaning and Turbo. Generally, in the Turbo mode, it is quite louder.

Honeywell HPA 300 air purifier doesn't contain a built-in air quality sensor but has 3-level timer settings with 2, 4 and 8 hours.

It has a filter status indicator for both filters so they are not washable, but cost-friendly.

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HPA 200 Air Purifier

If you are looking to buy a new air purifier for a medium room, then the Honeywell HPA200 is the right choice for you. It is a model in the Honeywell Allergen remover air purifiers series.

HPA200 has been designed with 2 True HEPA filters and contains 4 level fan speeds and three auto shut-off timers like HPA300.

For Honeywell HPA200, the Tobacco Smoke CADR is 200 cfm and is strong enough for 300 sq. ft rooms. These air purifiers can complete the filtration of air every 12 minutes in a 300 square feet room.

The prefilter acts as an odor filter as it is a composite carbon filter. No filter is washable. You will need to replace the odor pre-filter every 3 months and True HEPA filters once a year.

However, it is best to select the Honeywell HPA250B for remote control through the smartphone application.

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Honeywell HPA600B Air Purifier

This is the latest flagship model in the True HEPA series. Honeywell Pro HPA600B includes a modern touch control panel and superior filtrations for both odors & particles which are available in a durable metal housing. However, this is a top-notch air purifier but a bit expensive.

Honeywell air purifier has two sets of 3-in-1 heavy-duty filters. In those filters, the composite filters include a True HEPA filter that is used as the mail particle filter. Others are a granular activated carbon filter for odors, VOCs and an anti-microbial coated filter to avoid mold growth.

This type is manufactured with two permanent and washable mesh pre-filters for protecting the composite filters. Although, the HPA600B version captures 99.97% of airborne particles.

Honeywell HPA600B is suitable for a 315 sq. ft room and it has the Tobacco Smoke CADR of 210 cfm.

As such filter has particle and VOC sensors, it is easy to detect all types of airborne pollutants instantly and able to adjust the speed of the fan.

Honeywell HFD320 AirGenius 5 Air Purifier

HFD320 AirGenius 5 Air Purifier is the right pick for those who don't want to change HEPA filters. It has built with washable filters and is a tower-style oscillating air purifier.

It has the core filter which is an intense field dielectric filter that uses electrostatic charges to attract pollutants. HFD 320 works more effectively than a HEPA filter air purifier. However, you no need to replace the filters, just wash them regularly with soap and water.

The permanent iFD filter which Honeywell HFD320 AirGenius 5 Air Purifier contains will capture 99% of particles. So, it will be used to filter seasonal allergens, lints, pet fur, house dust and mold spores. But, it can't be used for removing smoke or airborne microbes like viruses and bacteria.

HFD320 is suitable for 240 sq feet room and the Tobacco Smoke CADR is 161 cfm. This type of air purifier includes 5-level fan speeds, oscillation, timers, dimmers and a filter cleaning indicator. You can rinse the odor pre-filter with water, but it needs to be replaced every three months.

HFD320 AirGenius 5 emits only a fractional ozone level, which is much lower than the FDA & CARB's acceptable ozone emission levels. So, it's a good thing to avoid this air purifier for those who have asthma and breathing issues.

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Final Words

If you are planning to get an air purifier from a trusted brand, go through Honeywell without any doubt. They are manufacturing air purifiers in various models so you can choose the best one as per your needs. In this guide, we have given Honeywell air purifier reviews for a few models only. However, check all types available at Honeywell and find the best model to fulfill your needs.

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