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Carrier Furnace Parts

Carrier Corporation which was founded in the year 1915 is based in Jupiter, Florida. It is a brand of the UTC Climate Controls and the Security division. Being an independent American company it manufactures and distributes the heating, ventilation, and the air conditioning systems. Along with that, the company also manufactures commercial refrigeration and Food Service equipment. Carrier Corporation has the U.S. manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis for the residential and commercial furnaces and air handlers.

You can look for different types of HVAC Parts including the comprehensive line-up of the heating, cooling and ventilation parts from PartsAPS. If you are looking for some specific Carrier Parts, like the Carrier Furnace Parts, Carrier Air Conditioner Parts (Carrier AC Parts), and also for the Carrier Furnace Replacement Parts, you can definitely count on us.

PartsAPS has a wide in-house stock of the Carrier Parts with quick delivery service. Starting from the coils, piping, electrical as well as the heating components to the motors, blowers, thermostats, filters, PartsAPS takes pride in having all the Carrier HVAC Parts that you may need.

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You can just simply select your model and see a list of the top-quality Carrier Furnace Parts and the Carrier Air Conditioner Parts that will fit your model exactly. We will ship your order very fast with our quick delivery service. So, stop worrying about your furnace and how you are going to repair it. We have the solution for all your problems. Get the best Carrier Furnace Parts from our website.

1) CARRIER THERMOSTAT 2H/1C For Carrier Part# HH07ZE007:-

Carrier Thermostat Parts are very simple to use and easy to install. The Carrier Programmable Thermostat plays a versatile role. It has the ability to manage any performance or comfort. The Carrier Programmable Thermostat can manage the temperatures, ventilation, humidity, indoor air quality, and airflow.
Get the best quality Carrier Thermostat Parts at PartsAPS. Shop with confidence now for the high-quality Carrier Thermostat Parts from our website.

Product Specification-

 Carrier Parts Product Name- Carrier HH07ZE007 Thermostat

 Part Number- HH07ZE007


 The HH07ZE007 Carrier THERMOSTAT 2H/1C is a non-programmable electronic thermostat that weighs 0.35 pounds. The length of this Carrier HH07ZE007 Thermostat is 4.5 inches with a width of 4 inches and a height of 0.9 inches.

The HH07ZE007 Carrier THERMOSTAT 2H/1C is not at all hazardous. It is digital non-programmable that has one cool stage and two heat stages.

2) 1/16HP 208/230V 3450RPM MOTOR For Carrier Part# HC30CK234:-

For the high-quality and the best Carrier Parts including the Carrier Air- Conditioner Motor Parts, you can visit our website page. You can also choose for you most needed Carrier Motor Parts. This may also include the Carrier Blower Motor and the Carrier AC Fan Motor.

Product Specification-

Carrier Parts Product Name- Double Shaft Electric Motor

Part Number- HC30CK234

Phase- Single

Length- 5 inches

Width- 5 inches

Height- 7.5 inches

Motor HP- 1/16 HP

This Draft Inducer Motor HC30CK234 replaces the part numbers like HC33AE208, HC34GE239, HC32GE200, HC27ZN042, 06DA680078, HC30GB230, HC30GB232, HC39GE239, and much more. This Double Shaft Blower Motor needs 4 uf 370 VAC Capacitor is not needed.

The Carrier HC30CK234 Draft Inducer Motor does not include the Hall Effect sensor. This Carrier draft inducer motor can be sued with many Carrier, Payne, and Bryant gas furnace applications. It weighs 4.85 pounds.

 Suitable for Other Models:

HC33AE208, HC34GE239, HC32GE200,

HC27ZN042, 06DA680078, HC30GB230,

HC30GB232, HC39GE239,HC41GZ004

3)  FILTER For Carrier Part# EXPXXFIL0016:-

Like any other air filter, Carrier Filter is also made of fibrous materials that help in removing the solid particles like the mold, dust, pollen, and bacteria from the air. If there is any catalyst like the charcoal then it may also remove the odours and other volatile organic compounds or ozone.

The HVAC Filters comprises of the heat pump, furnace unit, geothermal, and much more. These help in keeping away your indoor system parts from getting clogged with the dust or any other foreign material. For the best Carrier Air Filter Parts, Carrier Furnace Filter, and Carrier Air Conditioner Filters visit our website, PartsAPS. Replace your HVAC Filters, if you haven’t as it will increase the lifespan of your unit. 

Product Specification-

Carrier Parts  Product Name- EXPXXFIL0016 Bryant Carrier Furnace Filter

Part Number- EXPXXFIL0016

Product Dimensions- 25 X 5 X 16 inches

Item Weight- 2.3 pounds

The EXPXXFIL0016 Bryant Carrier Furnace Filter traps the unwanted airborne particles and allows the free flow of the cleaner air for maintaining the energy efficiency of your system. It helps in less wear and tear and increases the lifespan of your system.

The Carrier EXPXXFIL0016 Furnace Filter protects your system from viruses and bacteria that can spread from anywhere. It helps by clearing the air and by trapping the particles and preventing them from re-entering your home. 

Suitable for Other Models:

P102-1620, P102-1625,  KH01AA587


GAPCCCAR1625, 123324-008,  KH01AA585

4) HUMIDIFIER For Carrier Part# HUMCCLBP2417:- 

Keep the air comfortable and soothing by stopping the white dust and the mineral buildup around your Carrier Humidifier Filter. We have a wide range of Carrier Humidifier Parts. Shop for the best Carrier Furnace Humidifier Filters from PartsAPS.

 It is our main objective to satisfy our customers and we have large in-stock of Carrier Humidifier Parts.

Product Specification-

Carrier Parts Product Name- Carrier Humidifier Air Filter

Part Number- HUMCCLBP2417

Voltage- 24 VAC

Phase- Single

Amps- 0.5

This HUMCCLBP2417 Filter is non-hazardous with a height of 15.125 inches. The length of this Carrier HUMCCLBP2417 Humidifier is 10.25 inches with a width of 14 inches.

The Carrier HUMCCLBP2417 Humidifier helps in controlling the indoor humidity. Common problems like the itchy eyes, cracked or dry skin, red eyes, and dry nasal passages can result from the dry indoor air. Carrier Humidifiers help in resolving all these problems. This HUMCCLBP2417 Filter is smooth and has a low noise operation. It is long-lasting and has attractive cover.

The Carrier Air Filter Model Number HUMCCLBP 2417 has four humidity control options and a built-in bypass damper. Get the best Carrier HUMCCLBP2417 Parts at PartsAPS.

Other  Models:


P110-3545, HUMCCLBP2417,P110-4545

P110-1045, 318518-762,  318501-761

5) 1.81"WC SPST PRESSURE SWITCH For Carrier Part# HK06NB124:-

The Carrier Furnace Pressure Switch has a built-in feature which is specially designed for monitoring the negative pressure that is created by the inducer motor. For changing the thermostat, a signal is sent to your control board. The control board thus checks the centrifugal switch for ensuring that it’s open and also non-energized. Then the pressure switches diagnosis the draft motor and begins moving the heat. The pressure switches are specifically designed for guarding against any dangerous gas leaks and thus it prevents furnace cycling when there is a mechanical failure. It is safe for your home and helps in preventing any ongoing furnace damage. 

The Gas Furnace Pressure Switch helps in closing and allowing the current to pass through and start the ignition of the furnace. When the pressure switch is stuck, enough power is not sent to the inducer, for which the ignition of the sequence does not begin. PartsAPS has a wide in-stock of high-quality Carrier Furnace Pressure Switch,  Gas Furnace Pressure Switch, and Heater Pressure Switch.

Product Specification-

Carrier Parts Product Name- Carrier Bryant Furnace Pressure Switch HK06NB124

Part Number- HK06NB124

Length- 3.5 inches

Width- 4.5 inches

Height- 2.3 inches

The HK06NB124 Carrier Furnace Pressure Switch replaces the part numbers like HK06WC097,        HK06NB010, HK06WC069, 312926-258, HK027A413, HK02SA420, 312926-252, HK02ZB075, HK06UB011, and much more.

The Carrier HK06NB124 will definitely meet all your expectations by ensuring optimum system performance, easy installation, proven reliability, proper maintenance and safe system operation. This is a non-hazardous product and weighs 1 pound.  

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