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What is a blower motor?

In the most HVAC system, a Blower Motor is present at its heart. You must be thinking what it is or what it is used for. Well, let me explain it to you in the simplest terms. The blower motor which is also known as the electric motor is attached to the fans that are used in moving the air through the HVAC system.

Mostly, a single blower motor is highly responsible for delivering both the hot as well as the cool air. This depends on the climate controls that are set. PartsAPS has a huge collection of HVAC Blower Motor parts, Air Conditioner Fan Motor parts (AC Condenser Fan Motor parts), and Condenser Fan Motors parts.

This blower motor looks very similar to a hamster wheel and they increase the speed as well as the volume of an air stream with the help of the rotating impellers.

Why Will You Choose Operations of a blower motor:-

The blower motors work in a simple manner. It spins when the voltage is applied to it. This also results in spinning the fan. The fan thus has the ability to move large volumes of air at extremely high velocities. There is speed selector by which you can control the speed of the motor so that it can be turned up and down. The air flow is channeled at times for heating or cooling the passenger compartment. This channeling may vary. But mechanically operated doors and flaps are very common.

When the heat is needed, then the airflow from this Blower Motor is directed for passing through the heater core. This will definitely heat up the air, resulting in the hot air to blow out of the vents. Similarly, it is through this A/C evaporator that the air flow is directed. You can simply go to our website and search for the HVAC Blower Motor parts, Air Conditioner Fan Motor parts (AC Condenser Fan Motor parts), that you require.

What are the causes of a blower motor failure?

There are many potential causes that can be stated behind a blower motor failure. You too must be thinking why does it stop working all of sudden? When the fan relay, the climate control switches, and the motor resistor prevents the voltage from reaching the HVAC Blower Motor, then the motor will eventually stop working. Moreover, the resistor is to be blamed if the motor works only on high speeds. One of the most important causes lies when the AC Condenser Fan Motor or the blower motor is broken or is worn-out. Some of the other cause may include bearing failure, obstruction of the fan cage, etc. shop for you needed Air Conditioner Fan Motor parts from PartsAPS at reasonable prices.

Product Description:-

The Reznor 196240 MAIN BLOWER MOTOR has a voltage of 115 volts and amplitude of 0.7A. This part REZNOR 196240 has 1550 Rpm. It has a body diameter of 3/8 inches. The overall length of this part 196240 is 3 inches.

Product Specification:-
  • Manufacturer- Reznor
  • Product Name- Reznor Main Blower Motor
  • Part Number- 196240
  • For Use With- UDAP-150
Product Description:-

This 902805 Nordyne Blower Motor is a blower assembly that is used for the furnaces with 2-4 ton a/c units. The Nordyne 902805 can be mostly used on the E1EH electric furnaces.

The 902805 Nordyne Blower Motor includes 621642 1/3 hp motor, 667252 10 x 7 blower wheel, 7.5/ 370v PRCF7-5A round cap, housing and 15-pin male Molex plug. The assembly measures 15.5” tall x 18.5” long x 9.25” wide. The bottom opening measures 9” x 7.5”.

Product Specification:-
  • Manufacturer-Nordyne
  • Product Name- Nordyne Blower Assembly
  • Part Number- Nordyne 902805
  • Item Weight- 28.4 pounds
  • Batteries Needed- No
  • Batteries Included- No
Product Description:-

The HC37GE238 Carrier Fan Motor weighs 7.85 pounds. This Carrier Motor is 5.9 inches long and also has a width of 5.9 inches. The height of this Carrier HC37GE238 is 9.9 inches.

The HC37GE238 Carrier Fan Motor is considered to be a non-hazardous material. This part of Carrier HC37GE238 has a single phase. This part replaces the part numbers such as 5KCP29ECA301CS, HC37GE238, HC37GE235.

Product Specification:-
  • Manufacturer- Carrier
  • Product Name- Carrier Fan Motor
  • Part Number- Carrier HC37GE238
  • Voltage- 208-230VAC
  • Rotation- Clockwise
  • RPM- 1150-1400
  • Hertz- 60
  • Motor HP- 1/8 HP
  • Item Weight- 9.54 pounds
Product Specification:-
  • Manufacturer- Amana-Goodman
  • Product Name- Goodman Blower Motor
  • Part Number- Fan Motor 0131P00035
  • Replaces- 0131P00006
  • Item Weight- 2.88 pounds
Product Specification:-
  • Manufacturer- York
  • Product Name- York Fan Motor
  • Item- Fan Motor
  • RPM- 1160
  • Size- 7/8”
  • Length- 0”-14”
  • Item Weight- 52.8 Lbs
  • Product Dimensions- 18.7 x 14.4 x 12.2 inches
  • Type of Equipment- Central
  • Cooling Type- Cold
Product Description:-

The Carrier Condenser Fan Blade of part number LA01RA015 has a diameter of 18 inches. This Carrier Fan Blade has 26 degree pitch and 3 blades. It has ½ inch bore. It also has CW facing air discharge.

Product Specification:-
  • Manufacturer- Carrier
  • Product Name- Carrier Condenser Fan Blade
  • Part Number- LA01RA015
  • Weight- 6 Lbs
  • Pitch- 24 degrees
  • Material- Aluminum
  • Set Screws-1
Product Description:-

This Trane Fan Blade of part number FAN4003 replaces the part numbers such as FAN03127, FAN3127. This Trane Part has three fan blades and a diameter of 23 inches. The Trane FAN4003 has ½” bore. The width of this part is 15-23”. This part is 15-27” long.

This Trane Part is considered as a non-hazardous material.

Product Specification:-
  • Manufacturer- Trane
  • Product Name- Trane Fan Blade
  • Part Number- Trane FAN4003
  • Item Weight- 4.75 pounds
  • Rotation- CCW
  • Pitch- 26
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