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Amana Goodman Parts

Amana Goodman is the member of the Daikin Group which is the world’s largest manufacturer of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) products and systems. This company was founded in the year 1975 and is based in Houston, Texas. The major Amana Goodman Parts include the heat pumps, gas furnaces, air handlers and coils, residential split air conditioners, packaged unit and Comfort Net controls, and thermostats. Shop for the best Goodman Air Conditioner Parts, Amana Goodman Furnace Parts, and Goodman HVAC Parts from PartsAPS.

In the year 1982, this company acquired Janitrol and entered the HVAC(Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) market. It expanded its products offering in 1986 which included the gas heating products. In the year 2001, Goodman separated the appliances business from the HVAC business to the Maytag Corporation. For the best Goodman Air Conditioner Parts and Amana Goodman Furnace Parts, please visit our website page.

Amana Goodman, from the very beginning, has the same core philosophy, which is to provide its customers with great quality products that can be relied upon, and that will definitely meet their needs by lasting longer. The Goodman manufacturing has a wide range of air conditioning, heat pumps, gas furnaces, and packaged units for taking care of all your heating and cooling requirements.

Moreover, Amana Goodman has a complete range of the high-quality residential and commercial air-conditioning and heating equipment. PartsAPS has a huge collection of the Amana Goodman Parts that include Amana Goodman Furnace Parts, Goodman Air Conditioner Parts, and Goodman HVAC Parts. You can get all your most needed Goodman Replacement Parts on our website at very reasonable prices.

The dedication of Amana Goodman is to develop innovative products which can definitely build to last longer. The Amana Goodman Parts are quite affordable and carries the best warranty. So, if you are looking for the high-quality Amana Goodman Furnace Parts, Goodman Air Conditioner Parts, and Goodman HVAC(Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Parts, then this is your ultimate platform. 

1) EVAPORATOR COIL For Amana-Goodman Part# P1400A32L:-

Searching for Amana Goodman Parts like the Goodman P1400A24L Evaporator Coil Assembly? Then look no further. PartsAPS has the solution for all your problems. The Goodman p1400a32l Evaporator Coil is compatible with the model numbers like A32-03, A32-05, A32-05C, A32-08, A32-08C, A32-10 and A32-15. Our aim is to provide you with the top-quality and best Goodman HVAC Parts, and Goodman Air Conditioner Parts.

Product Specifications-

Product Name- Goodman Evaporator Coil

Part Number-p1400a32l

Product Dimensions- 24.3 X 13.8 X 17.5 inches

Batteries Needed- No

2) PCBBF112S Furnace Control Board:-

ThePCBBF112S Control Board has the ability to control the ignitor, the inducer and also the blower motor. This control board has an LED that is used for diagnostics. The common failures are related to the board. It is when the blower motor is failing or the inducer is failing. You can easily get this part along with other parts of our website page, PartsAPS. Just search for the part number for your needed part.

Product Specifications-

Product Name- Goodman Control Board

Part Number- PCBBF112S

Product Dimensions- 19.3 X 16 X 7.6 cm

Item Weight- 249g

Assembly Needed- No

Suitable with Other Models:


3) Primary Heat Exchanger For Amana-Goodman Part# 2821301S:-

This 2821301s Heat Exchanger is compatible with the following models like GMN080-4, GMPE100-4, GMPE100-4A, GMPN080-4, GSM080-4, GSMS080-4, and GSU080-4. Look for the best Amana Goodman Furnace Parts, including the Furnace Heat Exchanger parts at PartsAPS.

Product Specifications-

Product Name-  GoodmanHeat Exchanger

Part Number- 2821301s

Item Weight- 37.3 pounds

Batteries Needed- No

Product Dimensions- 21.4 X 16.4 X 21.3 inches

Other Models:-

2821300S, 2821301S,

4821401S, 4821403S

4) Blower Wheel For Amana-Goodman Part# B1368036S:-

The Blower Wheel b1368036sis compatible with models like A36-00-2R, A36-05, A36-05C, A36-06, A36-08, A36-08C, A36-10, A36-10C, and A36-15. This Goodman Blower Wheel has a diameter of 9” inches X 8” inches.

Product Specifications-

Product Name- Goodman b1368036s Blower Wheel

Part Number- b1368036s

Item Weight- 4 pounds

Batteries Needed- No

Batteries Included- No

Product Dimensions- 12.2 X 12.2 X 12.5 inches

Other Models:

B1399500,  B1368048S, D6723306S

B1368034S,B1368016S, D6723311S

D6723319, B1368036S, D6723301S

0150G00000P, 0150P00004S, 03-78497

5) Pressure Switch For Amana-Goodman Part# B1370133:-

Pressure switches like the Goodman Pressure Switches close an electric contact when a certain set fluid pressure has reached on its input. The B1370133 Goodman Pressure Switch is designed in such a manner so that it can make contact with either on pressure rise or on the pressure fall.

Product Specifications-

Product Name- Amana Pressure Switches/ Goodman B1370133 Pressure Switch0020

Part Number-  B1370133

Product Dimensions- 3  X 3 X 3 inches

Item Weight- 0.32 ounces

Other suttible Models:

11177114, B1370179, 11111910

B1370133,  20197313,  B1370157

C6456505, C6456508, 10727920

6) Goodman Condenser Motor:-

The Goodman 0131M00019PSP Condenser Motor with 1/2 Horse Power is a replacement for several Goodman, Janitrol, and Amana furnaces. This part replaces part numbers 0131M00019P, 0131M00019PS. For more Goodman HVAC Parts, please click on our website page.

Product Specifications-

Product Name- Goodman Condenser Motor

Part Number- 0131M00019PSP

ItemWeight-8 pounds

Product Dimensions- 14.5 X 7 X 6.5 inches

Colour- Black

Voltage- 208/ 230 volt



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