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Hoffman Controls

Hoffman Controls Corp is a supplier of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC&R) special-purpose electronic products. Hoffman Controls has built a proven track record, with over 60 years of industry experience in providing the HVACR equipment. For further information on Hoffman manufacture, please refer to this blog.

The product solutions of Hoffman Controls including EC Motor Controls, Induction Motor Controls, Condenser Fan Controls, Refrigeration Controls, SCR Heating Controls, Variable Air Volume (VAV) appliances, Sequencer Controls, Thermostats & Transducers, Motor Protection, and Ventilation/Exhaust Controls. 

Hoffman's catalog products include a wide variety of enclosures, accessories and thermal control devices. Hoffman maintains a high standard of quality for its products and it works under ISO 9000 certification. Hoffman ensures they follow rigorous quality requirements by developing and testing all products in their in-house UL laboratory.

There are numerous Hoffman EC Motor Controls like refrigeration evaporator fan controller, manual motor speed control with PWM output, ECM two speed comfort control, ECM 4 speed motor control, manual motor speed control, ECM variable speed drive, ECM head pressure control for variable speed EC motors, etc. Now, we have to look at some of the Hoffman ECM Controller. Generally, ECM Controls Hoffman is available in 700 series.

The 760-ECM Series Electronic Motor Speed Controller is designed to provide energy-efficient ECM (brushless dc) motors with manually controlled proportional speed control. This controller requires only a 24 VAC power source and it is independent of line voltage, Motor speed control is performed through a modulated pulse width signal from the ECM which drives the ECM motor through its dedicated control signal input.

By using the built-in tachometer signal, the 763 ECM Controls the speed of variable speed EC motors. Control can be done remotely by using the Modbus RTU interface or locally can be done with the use of LED display and control buttons. So, with this controller, the EC motor speed can be controlled either by manual or automatic.

A speed index (0-100) is used in manual mode to set the control signal to the motor. Both the motor rpm and speed index are displayed on the LED screen and the Modbus. The motor rpm is set directly in automatic mode, and the control uses a PI feedback algorithm to drive the motor rpm to the defined value, independent of loading on the motor, as sensed by the tachometer signal.

Genuine Hoffman Parts are designed and manufactured as per original specifications to keep your equipment running smoothly at its optimal performance and ensure reliable and long service.

In this blog, we have provided the details on a few controllers offered by Hoffman Controls. If you want to get more information about Hoffman Parts, Hoffman Speed Controls, and Hoffman ECM controller, stay tuned with our PartsAPS website.

PartsAPS is a global leader in supplying all HVAC Parts from top brands. So, here, you can purchase all your required replacement parts for your HVAC&R equipment. We provide, Hoffman Controls at very fewer prices only. Few Hoffman Parts available at our store are:

1)  120 Thru 277V 5A Adj Spd Cntrl For Hoffman Controls Part:

120 thru 277v 5a adj spd cntrl for hoffman controls part 706 123s

The Hoffman 706-123S Fan Motor Speed Controller Multiple Voltage Series is made to provide manually adjustable low-cost proportional speed control for single-phase shaded pole or permanent split capacitor open frame motors. This controller can be used between 120 and 277 volts for any nominal voltage.

Name of the Product: Hoffman 706-123S Fan Motor Speed Controller

Model Number: 706-123S

Manufacturer Name: Hoffman

Item Type: Motor Speed Controller

2)  ECM SPEED CONTROLLER For Hoffman Controls Part:

ecm speed controller for hoffman controls part 764 ecm

Hoffman Controls 764-ECM is designed to replace a 24VAC driven, separate ECM fan motor with a combination of speed adjustable ECM fan motor & controller. If Hoffman 764-ECM Speed Controller is used with a PWM capable EC motor, it will provide four separate speed selection inputs. Each input is manually adjustable.

Name of the Product: Hoffman 764-ECM SPEED CONTROLLER

Model Number: 764-ECM

Manufacturer Name: Hoffman

Item Type: ECM Speed Controller

3)  24V;120-600V 10A Head # Cntrl For Hoffman Controls Part:

24v 120 600v 10a head cntrl for hoffman controls part 816 10dh

The Hoffman 816-10DH Head Pressure Control modulates (varies) condenser fan motor speeds at low ambient temperatures, thus controlling head pressure by adjusting the air volume through the condenser. Hoffman 816-10DH mainly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


Model Number: 816-10DH

Manufacturer Name: Hoffman

Item Type: Head Pressure Controller

4)  PROPELLER For Xylem-Hoffman Specialty Part:

propeller for xylem hoffman specialty part dp0618

If you want to replace Hoffman DP0618 in your HVACR equipment, visit our PartsAPS today. Here, we have large in-stock of HVAC parts. We are supplying OEM parts to our beloved customers.

Name of the Product: Hoffman Specialty DP0618 PROPELLER

Model Number: DP0618

Manufacturer Name: Hoffman

Item Type: Propeller

We hope the information provided above will help you. If you have any queries related to Hoffman Parts, please leave a comment in the below box.

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