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0-3"wc-IN 0-10VDC-OUT TRANSMTR For Automation Components Inc (ACI) Part# A/DP2-8-10

Picture of Automation Components Inc (ACI) Automation Components Inc (ACI)
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Product Description
A/DP2-8-10 - The A/DP2 Series is a line of low differential pressure transmitters that are capable of sensing full scale ranges down to 0.1? of water column. Each ACI pressure transmitter utilizes a high quality ceramic capacitive sensor to provide long term stability and performance. Accuracy is +/- 0.3% of full scale over the compensated temperature range for most ranges (see specification chart) and this is critical for optimizing building pressure. In addition to the requested spa most units are capable of being field adjusted to a maximum of three additional spans by resetting the internal jumpers. The DP2 offers the option of a fully assembled pitot tube for quick installation. Field selectable outputs of 0 to 5VD 0 to 10VD and 4 to 20 mA are standard. ACI differential air pressure sensor or transmitter are designed for HVAC Building Automation or light industrial systems. Typical applications include: building static pressur filter monitorin air flow measuremen and quarantine or isolation rooms. Field selectable ranges and output High-en capacitive sensor performanc Accepts AC or DC supply voltages
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